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Change the design of your Manufacturers List System Message Page

Purpose: This template is used to display system messages, much like "error.html," but for non-error messages such as the customer log out message. System messages can be edited from Settings ->Design ->System Messages.

Note: It is important to preserve the commented tags to ensure the software performs correctly.

For example:


Note: Code blocks and their respective variables will only work with specific template pages.

Note: The Messages shown can be caused by any number of factors. For example, adding an item to cart without selecting required options, accessing a bad link, etc. The wording of the actual error messages can be edited from the Online Store Manager by going to Settings ->Design ->System Messages


  • [dberror_returnpage] - Used by the Software to provide a link back to the preceeding page where the Message was generated.
  • [dberror_name] - Inserts the Title of the Message's name. (See Settings ->Design ->System Messages)
  • [dberror] - Inserts the Text of the Message. (See Settings ->Design ->System Messages)
  • [error_returnmessage] - Inserts the Title of the "Click Here To Continue" button/link. (See Settings ->Design ->Store Language)

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Screenshot of the message.html Template