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Change the design of the Product Review List

Purpose: This template displays in a separate pop-up window to display all of the reviews on a specific product.

Note: It is important to preserve the commented tags to ensure the software performs correctly.

For example:

        <!--START: reviews-->
          <!--START: user_reviews-->
          <!--START: user_email-->
          <!--END: user_email-->
          <!--END: user_reviews-->
        <!--END: reviews-->
        <!--START: errorMsg-->
        <!--END: errorMsg-->

Note: Code blocks and their respective variables will only work with specific template pages.

Note: Some of the following variables are dynamically inserted from your cart's Settings ->Design ->Store Language section.

  • [name] - Inserts the Name of the Product for which reviews are being displayed.
  • [id] - Inserts the Product's SKU/ID information.
  • [reviews_header] - Inserts the Title of the "Customer Reviews" heading on the page. (See Settings ->Design ->Store Language)
  • [reviews_total] - Inserts the Title of the "Average Rating" heading of the page. (See Settings ->Design ->Store Language)
  • [totalrating] - Inserts the average rating of the item's combined reviews.
  • [review_link] - Inserts a link which closes the pop-up window and returns the viewer to the product page.
  • [rating] - Inserts the rating for each individual review.
  • [short_review] - Inserts the review Title posted by the reviewer.
  • [long_review] - Inserts the longer, more detailed review posted by the reviewer.
  • [user_name] - Inserts the Reviewer's name.
  • [user_city] - Inserts the Reviewer's location
  • [user_email] - Used by the Software to reference the Reviewer's email. (Not shown on public page)
  • [review_date] - Inserts the date on which the review was posted.
  • [errorMsg] - Used by the software to return any error message that might be present.

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Screenshot of the product_review_list.html Template