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Change the design of your Customer's Reward Page

Purpose: This template displays when a customer completes an order using redeemable points.

Note: It is important to preserve the commented tags to ensure the software performs correctly.

For example:

        <!--START: myAccount-->
        <!--END: myAccount-->
        <!--END: CATEGORY_HEADER-->
        <!--START: ordercompleted-->
            <!--START: invoicedata-->
                [<a href="ordertracking.asp?action=view&id=[orderid]">details</a>]
            <!--END: invoicedata-->
        <!--END: ordercompleted-->
        <!--END: CATEGORY_FOOTER-->

Note: Code blocks and their respective variables will only work with specific template pages.

Note: Many of the following variables are dynamically inserted from your cart's Settings ->Design ->Store Language section.

  • [rewards_details-detail] - Displays the Title of the "My Rewards - Detail" heading of the page. (See Settings->Design ->Store Language)
  • [rewards_redeem-redeemOrderCompleted] - Displays the Title of the "Order Completed" message. (See Settings ->Design ->Store Language)
  • [rewards_redeem-redeemYourInvoice] - Displays the Title of the "Your Invoice #" label on the page. (See Settings ->Design ->Store Language)
  • [invoicenum_prefix] - Inserts the Order's Invoice Prefix.
  • [invoicenum] - Inserts the Order'sInvoice Number.
  • [<a href="ordertracking.asp?action=view&id=[orderid]">details</a>] - Provides a link where the customer can view their Invoice for the order.
  • [rewards_redeem-redeemThanks] - Displays the Title of the "THanks for your order!" message on the page. (See Settings ->Design ->Store Language)

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Screenshot of the redeemitem.html Template