POS Module

Not all eCommerce businesses are exclusively online. Some also operate from brick-and-mortar locations. Others peddle their products on the go, such as booths at trade shows or food trucks. While the transactions made at these places may seem independent of the ones made online, they are part of the same business. As such, they need to be connected, so they can send revenue to the same bank account and update inventory numbers as needed.

Shift4Shop’s POS Module can help you make that connection. Using a combination of this point-of-sale software and the accompanying hardware, you can make offline sales from anywhere while keeping them synchronized with your online sales. Your records will be updated accordingly, so your business can run smoothly even as it runs from multiple sales channels. Use the POS Module to your advantage and expand the reach of your business at no extra cost.

No matter which plan you purchase, the POS Module comes as part of the bundle. Note that it is available for iPads through Apple’s App Store, and it is compatible with Stripe and USAePay.


Top Features

  • Sell your products from anywhere with mobile checkout
  • Keep track of your inventory, automatically updated with any purchase from any channel
  • Accept multiple forms of payment, from credit cards to digital wallets


Shift4Shop’s POS Module in Action


Shift4Shop’s POS Module Gallery


POS Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a different POS system for my Shift4Shop store?

Yes. Shift4Shop’s software can be integrated with several other POS systems, such as Square Register and GiftLogic. If you are already familiar with these, you can certainly use them for your Shift4Shop store.

  • Can the data from offline purchases factor into sales reporting?

Yes. Shift4Shop’s POS Module comes with tools for analyzing the purchases made on any sales channel, which provides you with information you can use to improve your sales.

  • How can I accept payment through the POS system?

Vendors can accept credit and debit cards, cash, checks, and even digital wallets. The POS Module even allows for split payments, so customers can cover the cost with different methods if they choose. With that said, you will need to use either Stripe or USAePay as your payment processors.


POS Module Feature Testimonials

“Shift4Shop’s online payment processing is great, of course, but my business wouldn’t be where it is now without their POS. I make a lot of my sales through the convention circuit, and this system helps me stay in sync with the online store no matter where I go. Sales can happen anywhere, and that module makes them possible.”