BluePay payment provider

3dcart Shopping Cart works with BluePay.

Make BluePay your 1st choice for your processing needs!

BluePay Go! is a leading credit card processing company that provides merchants with secure, streamlined solutions for all of their payment processing needs. As the convenience of credit cards and debit cards continues to increase through online shopping and advanced processing equipment, the ability to process credit cards for business has become crucial to merchants who wish to stay ahead of the game. In just a few simple steps, BluePay Go! can set up your business with a credit card merchant account so you can start cutting costs and improving revenue today.


  • Free credit card terminal program to start accepting credit cards today
  • Retail/POS solutions, from low processing rates to POS equipment
  • Mobile/wireless capabilities to take your business wherever you go
  • E-commerce payment gateway for secure and efficient service
  • Level II and Level III processing
  • Electronic invoicing that helps reduce cost and waste
  • Ability to accept online checks (BlueChex)
  • PCI DSS compliance for secure credit card processing and reduced risk
  • Gift and Loyalty Card programs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • We understand that your business is unique, and as a BluePay Go! customer, you’ll have access to comprehensive services designed to fit your company’s needs and goals.

Get a BluePay account

3dcart users, follow these steps:
Step1. Sign up for a BluePay Account
Step 2. Activate BluePay on your 3dcart store