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Just as many people today prefer not to carry cash, there’s a segment of online shoppers who prefer to rely on alternative payment methods rather than entering their credit card number during checkout. Customers have a wide range of reasons for choosing such a payment method, but most of the time it has to do with security or convenience, or especially a combination of both.

What is a Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets function as means of storage for personal and payment information that is encrypted for security. The customer simply uses their digital wallet instead of typing in a credit card number, and their payment is made without any exposure of their information. Instead, the digital wallet sends a single transaction “token” to make the payment without passing the customer’s credit card number to the eCommerce site.

Digital wallets have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years, not only for the security they provide, but also for the great convenience involved. With a digital wallet, a customer can complete a purchase with a single tap or click. There’s no hunting for the right card, and no typing in a card number, expiration date, and security code. This is all replaced with the touch of a finger. Digital wallets are available for transactions on both desktop and mobile, and in some cases, at a point of sale in a brick-and-mortar store.

Popular digital wallets

Examples of Digital Wallets

You may recognize some of the names above, such as PayPal. PayPal is a great example of a digital wallet, because it has enough options to demonstrate the different abilities digital wallets can have. With PayPal, a customer can choose to make a payment that will be drawn directly from their financial institution and passed through PayPal to complete the transaction. Or, the customer can load funds directly into their PayPal account. A purchase can be made with a couple of clicks and no need to enter card information.

While not all digital wallets have the same number or type of funding options, these are the types of features they can offer to your customers and this level of convenience is extremely popular.

examples of digital wallets

Best Digital Wallets for Your Website

Your Shift4Shop online store supports the most popular digital wallets

amazon pay

Amazon Pay allows customers to make purchases using the payment information they already have stored with Considering over 90% of mobile shoppers have an Amazon account, and over half of all eCommerce purchases are made on mobile devices, implementing Amazon Pay is a direct invitation to a huge segment of customers. Additionally, Amazon is highly trusted, and you’ll be extending that reputation of trust to your own online store. However, be aware that you’ll be charged a commission when a customer chooses to pay with this service.

apple pay

Apple Pay is a streamlined digital wallet built specifically for iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and other Apple hardware. Customer information is stored in the cloud, preventing theft of data in the case of a lost or stolen device, and it utilizes Touch ID or Face ID as an additional security measure. Apple Pay has quite a few advantages: it doesn’t charge you a transaction fee, and it lets customers check out in a matter of seconds, not to mention the security features and prevalence of iOS devices. Apple Pay is used by 86 million customers, making it the favorite payment method of much of the iOS userbase. And as a bonus, if it’s integrated properly with your online store’s eCommerce software, it appears only for customers on iOS devices, and stays out of the way otherwise.

google pay

Google Pay comprises Android Pay — which, as you might expect, works similarly to Apple Pay but for Android phones — and also allows customers to use any payment information stored in their Google account. This includes any saved payment information used for Google services like YouTube, the Google Play Store, and within the customer’s Chrome account. Google doesn’t charge transaction fees either, and considering the huge number of people who already have payment information stored with Google to use one or more of their services, you’ll be offering them a great convenience.


Masterpass is a complete digital wallet from Mastercard that allows customers to store information like their shipping address along with their payment methods, which can be a debit card or any major credit card, not just Mastercard. Unlike Apple Pay and Google Pay, Masterpass isn’t made specifically for one brand or operating system.


As mentioned, PayPal offers the customer the option of paying directly from their PayPal funds, using PayPal Credit or drawing the funds from another source. The advantages of PayPal are that it’s extremely popular and some people use it almost exclusively. However, PayPal does charge you a small fee when a customer uses it for a payment.

visa checkout

Visa Checkout is very similar to Masterpass, except from Visa. Like Masterpass, customers can add any major credit card or debit card to their saved payment methods. Visa Checkout also provides special offers in conjunction with major brands, giving its users incentive to spend.


2Checkout (2CO) started in 2000 and is a digital wallet and electronic payment service that allows shoppers to pay with many alternative sources across multiple countries.

allied wallet

Allied Wallet offers a payment gateway capable of connecting people in 196 countries. Their payment services are internationally recognized, and the platform won honors from the AI M&A Awards, the Finance Elite Awards, and the Software & Technology Awards in 2018 alone. Allied Wallet combines low rates with excellent security, and users can receive data on transactions and customers from anywhere in real time.


BitPay offers cryptocurrency payment services for online merchants. Based in Atlanta and founded in 2011, BitPay allows websites to accept payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from shoppers and converting the funds to USD before transferring to merchants.


With tens of millions of users in close to 200 countries, Skrill maintains a strong reputation as a leading global payment provider. Businesses that utilize this platform can accept 40 different currencies, making it easier for them to develop an international presence. Other tools from their integrated suite allow them to distribute winnings from wagers, collect microtransactions from gamers, and provide one-click payment options. Skrill’s payment solutions are flexible enough that companies in any industry can benefit from them.


eCommerce companies seeking a spot on the global market would do well to use Payoneer as their payment service. This solution not only accepts over 150 currencies from customers in more than 200 countries, but also instantly processes both local and international payments. No matter where a business is located, Payoneer can help them receive payments in their own currency from just about anywhere in the world.

The eCommerce Advantage of Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are becoming vital for mobile commerce, and integrating payment methods that allow your customers to use digital wallets can triple your mobile conversion rate. Considering the majority of eCommerce traffic originates from mobile devices, it’s safe to assume a large portion of your customers are browsing your online store from a smartphone or tablet. By giving them the choice of shopping and paying with a digital wallet, you are appealing directly to the majority of your customers.

Remember that mobile shoppers are exactly that: mobile

They have their phone in their hand, making a purchase while at work, or home in bed, or waiting in line, or on the bus. Mobile shoppers shop from anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they want to take their wallet or credit card out and try to enter the numbers. They may not even be able to, whether because of the prying eyes of strangers or because they only have one hand free and they’re in a hurry. Digital wallets are an absolute necessity to convert these customers — they can make their purchase with a touch, using their fingerprint or entering a simple 4-digit PIN. If you insist on making them enter their card number, they’ll simply leave your store and shop elsewhere. 

Shoppers who become accustomed to digital wallets prefer them over other means of payment. They get used to the convenience and are reluctant to go back to the “old way” of entering tedious information to complete a transaction. Remember, customers love to save time and effort, and the easier you make it for them to buy from you, the more likely they are to return again and again.

mobile shoppers

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