3dcart eCommerce and Klarna

Boost mobile conversion and high AOV sales with Klarna payment solutions.

3dcart is fully integrated with Klarna, complete with pre-configured modules and plugins for an effortless integration, allowing you to start selling online quickly.

Give shoppers the flexibility they’re looking for

Klarna offers a modern checkout solution that gives customers the control and flexibility they need to make a purchase with less worry and hassle. 3dcart is fully integrated with Klarna, complete with pre-configured modules and plugins for an effortless integration, allowing you to start selling online quickly.

Slice it: Spread the cost of large purchases over time. A financing option for customers, giving them the flexibility they need to pay for their purchase.

Pay later: Buy it, love it, pay for it later. Customer can pay for goods either 14 or 30-days after shipment

The result for retailers is increased conversions, higher average order value, and improved customer return rates, all while Klarna assumes 100% of credit and fraud risk on transactions.

The Klarna difference

Simple: The application requires a couple pieces of information, the credit decision is real-time, and the customer never leaves the merchant’s site.

Secure: Klarna assumes all credit and fraud risk. Klarna settles to merchants no matter how, when or if the consumer pays

Loyalty: Klarna recognizes Klarna Account holders and enables easy purchases at merchants that accept Klarna.

Optimized: Easy integration and the ability to configure the payment options and look and feel ensures the payments are tailored to the merchant and their customers

A frictionless checkout solution

  • Single integration

    After having integrated Klarna, the products will be automatically updated without you lifting a finger.

  • One-click buying

    Pre-fill from customer recognition enables one-click buying across the entire Klarna merchant network.

  • Dynamic display

    Customers are given the experience that is best for them with a dynamic display in the checkout.

  • Optimized for mobile

    Constant testing and development allows for improvements in real time on all devices, especially mobile.

  • No redirects

    Keep shoppers on your site and build customer relationships by maintaining your brand’s own

One complete checkout

Klarna’s unique payment methods, Pay later and Slice it, allow merchants to differentiate and build loyalty with shoppers.


Provide customers with a financing solution to pay over time, meeting individual needs and circumstances.

  • Open credit line with planned payments, deferred interest, or month-to-month options
  • Fast and simple one-time application with an instant credit decision
  • Provide shoppers with monthly payment - no hidden fees
  • One-click buying across the entire Klarna merchant network
  • Access to Klarna app to review details and payment options


Allow shoppers to try before they buy and settle their bill directly with Klarna after 14 or 30 days.

  • Fast, simple checkout process requiring no lengthy information or card
  • Customers receive goods before parting with their money
  • Payment made directly to Klarna with no fees or interest.
  • Repeat purchases are just one click across any Klarna merchant
  • Easy customer returns can be settled with no cash leaving the shoppers account

3dcart Features

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Klarna?
Klarna, is a Swedish bank that provides online financial services such as payment solutions for online storefronts, direct payments, post purchase payments and more.
What is Klarna Checkout?
Klarna checkour is a payment solution from Klarna that allows websites to give Klarna full control over the checkout, including customer identification and payment methods.
What is Klarna Pay Later?
Klarna Pay Later is a "try it before you buy it" solution, that allows shoppers to place an order and received the products without having to pay for 30 days.
What is Klarna Installments?
Klarna Installments is "Buy Now, Pay Later" interest-free installments for shoppers to choose how and when to pay, while merchants get the funds paid in full when the order is placed.
What's Klarna support phone number?
You can contact Klarna's customer service team at 844-KLARNA1.
How can I add Klarna to my website?
Klarna is offered as a ready-to-use payment solution for any online store using the 3dcart eCommerce software.

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