3dcart eCommerce and MerchantX Payments

Start selling online with 3dcart and MerchantX

3dcart’s full integration with MerchantX gives merchants a fast and flexible option for payment processing on their store, regardless of the type of business. Whether your store is online, physical, low-risk or high-risk, MerchantX will work to offer you the best bank solutions and rates available.

Why you’ll love using MerchantX?

Find bank solutions for your unique business
With a MerchantX account, you’ll have access to the best rates, terms and services in the industry, regardless of your business type. Using their unique multi-bank structure, they will find the perfect payment processing solution for your business needs (even if you’ve been declined before).
Lowest possible rates for 20+ processing options
MerchantX gives you access to over 20 payment processing options, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and more. They offer the lowest possible processing rates, which start below 1%.
Fast approval and transaction deposits
With MerchantX’s quick and easy application process, low-risk businesses can be approved on the same day, and high-risk business can see approvals in as little as 48 hours. Deposits are fast too, with most hitting your checking account within 48-72 hours of a transaction.

Flexibility and Support with MerchantX

With rates as low as 3% plus interchange and fees as little as $0.25 per item, MerchantX is built to bring merchants the best long-term processing solutions to any type of business, regardless of industry or risk. Their team, running with 20 years of merchant payment processing experience and based in Portland, Maine, is ready to provide all of your merchant accounts with on-demand proactive support as soon as your store’s payment processing is live.

Create the ultimate eCommerce website
with 3dcart and MerchantX

3dcart’s powerful eCommerce platform has all the features you need

Customization Made Quick and Simple

If you don’t have experience with coding, you won’t have to worry; 3dcart provides you all the easy customization that you need while technical aspects are handled entirely on the backend.

Advanced Security Features

Built with PCI compliance, 3-D Secure 2.0 protocol and smart fraud-prevention tools to protect you and your customers, all 3dcart stores are equipped with the best security features out there.

Real-Time Shipping and More

Use real-time shipping rates, tracking numbers and more to help give customers a great shipping experience. With support for USPS, FedEx, UPS and more, and the ability to print labels from your 3dcart dashboard, shipping will be great for you too.

Accept Over 200 Payment Methods

With MerchantX and 3dcart working together, your store will support and accept more than 200 payment methods. Whether customers want to pay with a card or digital wallet, your store can accept it.

Access to Top SEO Tools

Using 3dcart’s advanced SEO toolkit, with the ability to customize URLs, edit meta tags, control robots.txt and more, your store will rank high on search engines in no time.

Be a Multi-Channel Seller

In addition to providing customizable mobile-ready store themes, 3dcart enables you to sell anywhere by supporting a variety of eCommerce channels to expand your reach, including Amazon, eBay and more.

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