NMI Turnkey eCommerce Solution

Accept credit cards in your online store with 3dcart and NMI

3dcart Shopping Cart works with NMI.

NMI builds e-commerce payment gateways for companies that process retail and online transactions in real-time anywhere in the world.

With an exceptional team of software engineers, NMI created, maintains and delivers a substantial suite of payment solutions through a unique channel of distribution. This channel is comprised of financial institutions, ISOs/MSPs, payment processors, VARs, e-commerce developers and hardware manufacturers interested in retaining their existing merchant-customers and acquiring new business. With an easy to integrate transparent and private-label program, Affiliate Partners maintain their own look and feel while providing merchants with efficient and secure payment processing solutions.


NMI offers financial rewards thru a suite of secure payment solutions. Our Partners consistently earn some of the highest gateway monthly residuals in the industry. These residuals are in addition to interchange fees Partners make when they acquire merchant accounts.

Once you have been activated as an NMI approved Affiliate Partner, you will receive exclusive access to a multi-tiered merchant and sub-agent control panel that allows you to build your business portfolio. Partners earn residuals on all of the merchants they sponsor that utilize the gateway. You are paid on time – every time for each and every transaction processed for as long as the merchant is connected to the gateway.

With NMI's proprietary and patent pending technologies, your merchants will be able to differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent shoppers, route transactions to multiple processors and utilize unmatched reporting tools. Merchants are also supplied with NMI's fast, reliable and secure tools that provide recurring billing, virtual terminal, batch upload processing, Quick Books® interface, electronic check, retail swipe, ACH processing and much more.

With NMI's flexible billing system and additional revenue generating products and services, you can increase your monthly residuals beyond what ordinary gateways provide.

Get a NMI account

3dcart users, follow these steps:
Step1. Sign up for a NMI Account
Step 2. Activate NMI on your 3dcart store