PayTrace payment provider

3dcart supports PayTrace to accept credit card payments

3dcart Shopping Cart works with PayTrace.

PayTrace™ is an industry leader in providing comprehensive, easy to use, and efficient payment processing and data storage software solutions. These solutions include the ability to process credit card, gift card, and e-check transactions. PayTrace provides services that allow merchants to efficiently manage their payment processing so they can focus their attention on succeeding at their own respective businesses. PayTrace is also one of the few payment processing solutions that provide the ability to process Level III Data. Processing Level III Data through PayTrace can significantly reduce the fees that you pay for processing Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government transactions. Since the benefit is a reduced percentage rate, your savings increase with the size of your transactions.

You Get More With PayTrace

PayTrace is operated by credit card processing industry experts who study merchants' needs, their wants, and our competitors' short falls in order to offer an industry leading solution. Through PayTrace, merchants have access to payment processing features and functionality not offered anywhere else.

  • Process Transactions Through the PayTrace Virtual Terminal
  • Utilize PayTrace's Payment and Product Shopping Cart for e-Commerce
  • Integrate 3rd Party Software with PayTrace Through the PayTrace API
  • Process Level II and Level III Data Through PayTrace
  • Add e-Check and Gift Card Processing for a Comprehensive Solution
  • Add Recurring Payment Functionality to Improve Efficiency

Get a PayTrace account

3dcart users, follow these steps:
Step1. Sign up for a PayTrace Account
Step 2. Activate PayTrace on your 3dcart store