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Boost sales and increase conversions with 3dcart and Sezzle

Sezzle is proven to reduce cart abandonment, increase sales
by up to 25% and basket sizes by up to 70%.

Why you’ll love using Sezzle

Sezzle is the leading USA-based “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment platform, helping merchants increase online sales and basket sizes by enabling shoppers to budget purchases over time with interest-free installment plans.
Sezzle provides white glove customer service to merchant clients, as well as best-in-class underwriting and security protocols. Sezzle also assumes all fraud and repayment risk and pay our merchant customers in full before we collect repayment from the consumer.
Convert Shoppers To Customers
Winning the Millennial demographic is critically important for retailers, yet 67% of Millennials today don’t own a credit card. “Buy Now, Pay Later” technology is revolutionizing how Millennials (and consumers everywhere) increase their purchasing power with e-commerce merchants worldwide.

Seamless checkout

  • Single integration

    After having integrated Sezzle, the products will be automatically updated without you lifting a finger.

  • One-click buying

    Pre-fill from customer recognition enables one-click buying across the entire Sezzle merchant network.

  • Optimized for mobile

    Sezzle shoppers can checkout on all devices, especially mobile.

  • Increased purchasing power

    Sezzle account holders are incentivised and recognized for healthy account activity.

  • Outstanding service

    Shopper returns are simple and easy to manage for merchants in the Sezzle network.

Seamless checkout

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Sezzle?
Sezzle is a "Buy Now, Pay Later" website payment solution that allows consumers to pay over time for the products they buy, interest-free.
How does Sezzle financing work?
Purchases are split into four equal installments that can be paid over 6 weeks with only the first payment due at the time of purchase.
What are Sezzle's transaction fees?
Sezzle’s standard payment processing fee to merchants is 6% + 30c per transaction..
What's Sezzle support phone number?
You can contact Sezzle's customer service team at 651-504-5402.
How can I add Sezzle to my website?
Sezzle is offered as a ready-to-use payment solution for any online store using the 3dcart eCommerce software.

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