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Top 3 Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Landing Page

What do you currently have on your online store's landing page to ensure that every visitor is given a good sales pitch without feeling as if they're being sold to? How can you optimize this page in order to increase your conversions or at least encourage someone to stay longer and explore the rest of your site?

Pondering on these questions, you get to realize just how important your landing page is. And this is why you ought to craft it carefully, keeping in mind your potential audience and following optimization tips that convert.

There are many ways that you can boost the capacity of your landing page to convert visitors into actual customers or even just subscribers initially. But for starters, here are the top 3 tips you need to follow first and apply to your ecommerce website:

Match the Search and Purpose
When a particular web user searches for "high waist bikinis" and clicks on your swimsuit store link, he or she must be greeted with such products rather than a general one that shows off your different swimsuits.

If a person finds your 30% off coupon on the Internet and clicks on it, he or she must be brought to a landing page that discusses this special offer and not something else.

Hence, you are most definitely not limited to just a single landing page. It depends on what you're marketing. If you're currently holding a sale, you can come up with a page for this which is linked to the right banners and anchor texts that you have spread online. You can also have your general landing page set up so that it exhibits the specific products that match specific keywords and searches by prospective buyers.

Highlight Advantages and Benefits
Make sure that your landing page contains a summary of the ecommerce advantages you have over your competitors or the particular benefits you can offer which you would like to highlight. For instance, if you offer free shipping and gift card personalization, you ought to include these on the page through catchy text or graphics.

These advantages and benefits may also be presented through one or two short testimonials that you can incorporate into your landing page alongside the products.

Personalize the Page
Another important tip from ecommerce experts is to personalize the landing page. How do you do this? If you cater to a worldwide audience, you can set up the page to appear in a particular language depending on the country where the visitor is coming from.

Furthermore, shipping costs that apply to the country should also be shown. What's more, you can even display the visitor's preferred products based on his or her past visited sites, previously browsed pages, and more. This way, the page will have a greater impact on your visitors.

Many online stores have done all these. Several online marketing gurus can attest to the effectiveness of such practices. Applying these top tips to your ecommerce landing page can result in better conversion. Try it to believe!

by Gonzalo Gil Google