How to Run Top-Notch Promotional Campaigns

Promotions are great sales fuel. As a consumer, you’ve probably taken the bait numerous times. And why not? Everyone loves a good deal. After all, where else could you get those Steve Maddens at 40 percent off?

On the retail end, promotions are well coordinated. They don’t just fall into place. Running your own promotions can get tricky, so it’s nice to have a set of ideas and best practices.

If you’re encountering the following pitfalls, there’s a good chance you should revisit your promotional strategy:

  • You aren’t getting many customers.
  • You aren’t making enough profit on your sales.
  • You’ve had successful promotions in the past, but your customers are getting bored with the same old thing.
  • Only return customers pick up on promotions meant to draw in new customers.

Check out the following tips on how to run successful promotions.

Run Flash Promotions Over Social Media

Flash promotions are a great way to infuse a sense of urgency, capable of driving a surge of customers to your store over a short period of time. Social media can be a powerful avenue for creating flash promotions because you have the ability to engage your audience where they live.

Timeliness is important for this type of promotion. It may be worthwhile to examine your traffic, “likes” and “tweets” to find out what time of day your social media posts perform the best. If you advertise your promotions when the majority of your audience is most active, customers will be more receptive to the promotion and you’ll generate more sales.

Surprise Customers in Real Time

Delivering promotions to customers while they’re on your website is a great way to draw wayward visitors back into the sales process. To do this, you’ll need to create pop-ups, page peels or banner ads. The right system can be triggered by a specified amount of time or by customer behavior. (For 3dcart customers, 3dupsell is the best way to accomplish this.)

Promotions can range from special pricing on a popular product to a discount on a purchase above a certain price. A promotional tool like this can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Make Promotions Exclusive

Exclusivity is a great way to make your customers feel special. You can usually accomplish this by making discounts and coupons specific to a marketing channel.

You see this kind of thing done over email all the time. But it’s also a great idea for social media channels like Facebook and Twitter (for example, launch a “for our Facebook fans ONLY” coupon).


Want to take it a step further? Partner with blogs and other websites to deliver exclusive deals to their readers. This is a great way to draw in new customers and expand your business.

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