Tips for Improving Your Customer Service

As a business owner, you likely put a lot of time, money, and energy toward improving your marketing efforts and growing your sales – but what about your customer service?

According to a Harvard Business Review study, by the end of a customer service interaction, a customer is four times more likely to walk away as a disloyal customer than a loyal customer.

To wow today’s evolving customers, your customer service needs a “wow” factor. Customers want simple, fast assistance around-the-clock, and aren’t afraid to turn to your competitors at the first sign that your business is ill-equipped to deliver.

Check out the following tips that can help your business start dishing out phenomenal customer service.

Get to know your customers

In order to deliver exceptional customer service, you need to have a concrete understanding of your customers’ needs. Customers expect the very best when it comes to customer service, and the only way you can deliver is to know who you’re catering to.

Reduce customer effort

Your customers should be treated to a memorable, frustration-free shopping experience. The entire process should be as effortless as possible – not only to find and buy the products they’re looking for, but also to find the answers they need, too.

Make sure your service channels are easy to find

Customers expect an exceptional customer service, and a lot of that boils down to instilling trust and quelling potential doubts. Shoppers need to know that your website is safe and secure, and that you’ll be ready to quickly assist if needed. If your contact information or service channels are difficult to locate, customers won’t hesitate to hit the back button and abandon your site.

Solve problems quickly

Your customer service team should strive to solve problems as quickly as possible, if not instantly. If you’re aware of what your customers need, you can anticipate what questions may arise and already have a solution in place.

Offer multi channel support

Let customers get the help they need using their favorite channels. Technology is evolving, and most customers aren’t content to wait around for an email reply. Diversify your customer service channels by offering live chat, a helpdesk, self-service, phone, social media, or email. The more channels you have, the better, but only introduce a new one if you’re able to maintain a high level of quality across all channels.

Ask for feedback

If you’re serious about offering the best customer service possible, you need to know what customers think about your business, brand, products, and service. Asking for feedback is a great way to gain valuable insight into the positive and negative aspects of your business. All feedback you receive – the good and the bad – can help you identify what areas you’re excelling in and what areas may need improvement.

Offer free shipping

Not every business can offer free shipping, but if it’s something your business can do without heavily affecting your margins, it can be a great tactic for improving customer service. High shipping cost is the leading cause for cart abandonment, and by eliminating this cost, you can impress your customers and win their loyalty, which will mean more repeat visits and recommendations to your store.

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