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Visa Checkout is an online checkout service from Visa that allows customers to make purchases quickly and easily from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Visa Checkout enables customers to store their card and address information in a secure account, so that they only need to enter a username and password at checkout. With Visa Checkout, customers can securely store and use all major credit and debit card brands.

There are three core components of a successful checkout experience: fast and easy checkout, seamless experience, and a checkout option from a trusted brand. Integrating Visa Checkout into the purchase flow lets online retailers bring all three components into the checkout process, helping drive conversion and saving customers valuable time.

Why Integrate Visa Checkout?

Increase Conversion

Simple checkout process. Once the customer has enrolled in the Visa Checkout program, they can complete their purchase in just a few clicks. By reducing the amount of information needed during checkout, Visa Checkout has the potential to lower shopping cart abandonment – especially on mobile devices.

No checkout redirects. Customers complete the payment process without leaving your website resulting in a better checkout experience.

Shoppers today expect a streamlined checkout free of the traditional roadblocks. Visa Checkout greatly simplifies the process for customers, offering a single sign-in to complete their transaction. Sign-in becomes even easier when customers choose the “remember me” feature – the username will automatically be displayed, requiring only a password (as shown above). With just a few clicks, the customer confirms card and shipping information and proceeds to confirm their purchase.


Secure Checkout

Option to reduce sensitive payment data in your environment. With Visa Checkout, you can choose to accept payments without handling sensitive card data. When your customer selects Visa Checkout, they enter a username and password instead of the actual payment card number therefore sensitive card data is never entered on your web page. You also have the option to eliminate storage of payment card numbers in your system.

Incorporating Visa Checkout into the purchase flow allows online retailers to benefit from Visa’s brand name to build customers’ trust and drive conversion. Visa ranks significantly higher than other payment brands in terms of perceptions of trust and security, both of which are of utmost importance for payments and online shopping. This reputation for trust and security ties closely with customers’ choice for payment. Visa is the largest payment type (in total spend) used among customers online, representing 45.3% of U.S. eCommerce dollars and 46.4% of transactions. Given the strength of the Visa brand, online retailers can feel confident that Visa Checkout will signal a familiar experience to customers.

Seamless Customer Experience

Consistent experience across channels. Customers are presented with the same look and feel whether they are purchasing online or on a mobile device, which can reinforce your brand values and reduce the risk of customer confusion or frustration.

Keeping shoppers in the checkout flow – as opposed to sending them to a different site to pay – is critical for boosting conversion. Visa Checkout allows the customer to stay on the merchant’s web page, which helps provide reassurance that their transaction is secure throughout the transaction. New Visa Checkout customers can even create a Visa Checkout account as part of the purchase process. Plus, Visa Checkout fits into the merchant’s current checkout flow without requiring changes to existing processes.

Why Your Business Needs 3dcart & Visa Checkout?

Using together 3dcart's eCommerce Platform & Visa Checkout has proven successful in
five metrics that online retailers continually strive to optimize:

  • Increasing merchant checkout conversion rates
  • Speeding up checkout time
  • Driving higher average transaction size
  • Increasing transaction volume
  • Creating repeat customers

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