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3dcart Brand Ambassador

3dcart Brand Ambassador

There's no denying that eCommerce is getting bigger every year. More online stores, more competing software, and more experts mean tons of options for everyone. But this can also lead to confusion. With so many solutions available, how does an entrepreneur know which platform to choose? How do they know which guru to follow? It can be overwhelming — but that's where you come in.

Our 3dcart Ambassador program is a simple way to earn commissions when you refer others to 3dcart, without the complexity of an affiliate program. Whether you're a dedicated 3dcart online store owner or just a casual fan, we'll reward you for spreading the word.

What Does it Mean to be a 3dcart Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is anyone who enjoys a certain brand enough to recommend it to others, whether in a professional setting or only to friends and family. If you've suggested 3dcart to someone ready to build an online store, you've already acted as a brand ambassador for 3dcart.

Our 3dcart Ambassador program is our way of making this official and thanking you for your support. You'll have access to a personalized referral link you can use to earn a commission on anyone who signs up through you. And the best part? You don't even need a 3dcart store to participate.

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Get Rewarded for Sharing 3dcart

Are you a blogger, YouTuber, or other content creator who covers eCommerce? Or do you just help friends with online business advice once in a while? Either way, you can earn $50 per referral by using your Ambassador link.

Open to Everyone

You don't need to run a 3dcart store to love 3dcart — maybe you follow our eCommerce blog, or you've given us a great review on your own site. We love that you want to recommend 3dcart to others, so let's make it official!

Easy to Join

All you need to do to get your Ambassador referral link is to generate it below, or if you have a 3dcart store, find "Share and Get $50" in your store's top menu. It's as simple as that: no memberships, activity requirements, or referral quotas.

More Reasons to Share 3dcart

We know the cash reward is a big incentive, and it helps that it's so easy, but those aren't the only reasons to become a 3dcart Ambassador. We'll show some extra love to both you and your referrals.

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Give the Gift of a Free Month of 3dcart

When someone signs up under your referral link, you're not the only one that gets rewarded. All new accounts that join through a 3dcart Ambassador get their first month free. Not only are you earning a commission, you're also helping others to start their business!

Get a Shout-Out from Us in Return

We love that you want to be a 3dcart Ambassador, so we're waiting to see you (and boost you) on social media! Tag @3dcart to catch our attention and use the #3dcartAmbassador hashtag to show your support — so we can show ours, in return.

Earn Passive Income

Your 3dcart Ambassador referral link doesn't expire, so it's the perfect way to earn passive income through your blog or social media posts without needing to join a more in-depth affiliate program. It couldn't be easier.

Who Can be a 3dcart Ambassador?

Anyone who is interested in getting rewarded for promoting 3dcart has the potential to be a great 3dcart Ambassador.
The 3dcart Ambassador program is for:

  • YouTubers
  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • eCommerce gurus
  • Small business owners
  • Web designers
  • Software reviewers
  • App developers
  • eCommerce hobbyists
  • Business coaches
  • Dropshippers
  • Everyday social media users
  • Everyone else
  • …and YOU!

Welcome to the 3dcart Ambassador Program

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Frequent Asked Questions

Which plans are eligible to get the free month through my Ambassador link?
We offer the first month free on any plan for all users who sign up through a 3dcart Ambassador.
When do I get paid for a referral?
You'll receive your $50 reward 60 days after your referral's signup date, once they have paid for their second month.
How is the reward sent to me?
Ambassador rewards are currently sent via PayPal, with additional options potentially available in the future.
Do I need to make a website to promote 3dcart?
No, this is one of the best things about the 3dcart Ambassador program: you are free to share your link on your existing blog, social media, or other channels without creating a dedicated website. You can even keep it private and send it only through direct messages to others, if you choose.
How can I convince others to sign up through my referral link?
You'll get more referrals if you share your favorite things about 3dcart, for example, if you have an online store with us, describe your favorite tools or specific features that can help your readers with their own businesses. Don't forget to tell them they get their first month free!