How to Sell Comics Books Online
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Do you debate the finer details of DC vs. Marvel Universes, believe that Stan Lee is either a comic god or a sell-out, and know every iteration of Batman, Superman, and/or Spidey? Or, perhaps Sin City, The Watchmen, and The Walking Dead fuel your thoughts? It is possible to turn your passion for finding and collecting great comic book series and graphic novels into cash as an online business! 3dcart has been helping online entrepreneurs launch their dreams for fifteen years.

Since people tend to share links (content) that affect them emotionally, it's more important than ever to understand the demographic you're selling to.

1. Know Your Audience.

Writers are often told to "write what you most want to read." This adage translates well into e-commerce. What comic books fueled your passion to collect, and which new comics and graphic novels pique your interest now? Why do you love them? What defines you as a customer, and what do you have in common with other comic book collectors? Should you sell collectible classics like The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight, or jump on the fast-moving graphic novel train? What about mangas? Should you expand into trading cards and other licensed merchandise?

Knowing who you want to sell to can often help you define what you want to sell and why. In marketing parlance this is known as branding. Knowing the answers to those brand identity questions is over half the battle to creating a successful online comic store.

2. Checking the Stacks and Boxes: Inventory.

You might be starting out by selling off your own massive collection, but even so, you will quickly need to plug into a reliable and good quality product supply chain. Find comic book outlets that make it easy to restock popular series and carry a few marquee early edition classics. Often, this simply requires you to use great online resources like eBay, but you can also visit your favorite wholesalers, gaming/comic shops, and conventions to acquire physical inventory. Whichever way you choose to supply, be sure to tailor your stock to your brand concept.

3. How to Design a Website for Dummies, Page? It's Best to Hire an Expert.

Sure, your cousin's kid can whiz around computer code faster than the Flash, but does he understand creating multi-layered, cross-referenced data silos that allow the customer to feel at ease and able to find all they want in comic books quickly, and on a site that adds brand impact with its design? What about a clean check-out system that keeps customers on your webpage rather than funneling them to a third party site? Inventory reporting and control? Finding an experienced software platform company with a proven track record, full technical support, and complete social media SEO (Search Engine Optimization) integration can be the difference between success and failure in a new e-commerce venture.

4. Get Passionate About Going Viral.

Everyone is after the brass ring of internet marketing, the viral post. Here's a tip - don't try to go viral! The great thing about viral marketing is that no one can predict what will charge up Google or Yahoo's SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. Instead, allow your interests to fuel your social media presence. Tumblr and Pinterest in particular, are hotbeds of comic book collectors and fanboys and girls of all stripes. They, and the plethora of comic and graphic novel online forums, will allow you to find your customer base and market directly to them.

Your online shop could sponsor a forum on a series or character you love. What about a blog? YouTube can be a wonderful marketing tool as well. When you attend a comic book convention, use a camera and act as your own channel's correspondent, creating live action content which you can then link to your online comic book store.

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