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Building your online store with Shift4Shop vs. Oxatis

Unlimited eCommerce potential vs. unnecessary restrictions

There are so many important parts to a successful online store. You need to be able to keep your customers fully informed, handle unlimited store traffic, organize your inventory in ways optimal to your industry, and more. And even when it comes to these vital features, not all eCommerce platforms are created equal. In fact, even though Oxatis claims to be Europe's number one eCommerce platform, it's missing all these capabilities. You'll have limits on products, features, and restrictions on what you can customize.

To build an online store with the utmost potential for success, you need a platform that's built to sell, no matter what you're selling. Shift4Shop has none of the restrictions of Oxatis, so you'll have unlimited bandwidth and products, endless customizability, robust inventory tools, and more — whether your business is in the US, UK, Europe, or international.

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Shift4Shop vs. Oxatis comparison of features

Streamlined and built for selling vs. bugs and limitations that cost sales

sad faceTransparent Features & Pricing

Many eCommerce platform clearly lay out their pricing structure and all of the features you can expect to find based on the amount you pay each month. Oxatis doesn't take this route — instead, they base their pricing structure on vague variables, like level of usage, number of products, number of transactions, and additional apps and features. With Shift4Shop, you'll never be left guessing when it comes to price or features.

sad faceBuilt-In Promotional Tools

Rather than offering built-in marketing solutions to their merchants, Oxatis seems to prefer charging extra for paid apps that perform basic marketing duties. Wish lists, promotional banners, and post-checkout marketing features are all locked behind paid apps, adding an extra fee to your monthly platform cost. On the other hand, Shift4Shop provides all of these marketing features built in for free, and even includes front-page specials like Daily and Group Deals complete with a countdown timer.

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“Oxatis just doesn't work and even their support kept telling me 'it can't be done.' You can't put banners and such on the front page so customers have no idea there's a sale, which hit us hard on Black Friday. Our mobile site is generic and our products keep showing as out of stock even when they're not. I think this whole platform is broken.”

– Former Oxatis User

sad faceMobile Functionality

The majority of online shoppers today prefer to browse on their mobile devices, so a mobile-friendly store is crucial. Oxatis claims their online stores are mobile friendly, but you don't get a fully-responsive mobile site — only a basic catalog without any of the extra pages and site content you worked so hard to build. Why not use Shift4Shop instead and have your complete site available on all devices?

Handle any inventory in any industry with Shift4Shop

Sell products requiring a robust category structure to help your customers find what they need? No problem.

Shift4Shop: Categorize every product as you see fit

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Shift4Shop lets you create unlimited categories, sub-categories, and Smart Categories and structure them however you need to. Build a complete category structure to make it simple for customers to find exactly what they want, no matter what.

Oxatis: Limited categories, dangerous workarounds

Oxatis alternate options

With Oxatis, if you have any products that require a robust or nested category structure, you're out of luck. There's a maximum of 10 categories per item and 10 sub-categories per category. If you need to add more categories, you may be told to create duplicate item pages as a workaround — which severely harms your SEO.

Seamless Mobile Shopping vs. Bare-Bones Substitute


Shift4Shop is built to be mobile-friendly, offering your customers a smooth, attractive shopping experience on any device. Our responsive design ensures your whole website looks and works great.


Oxatis provides only a generic, stripped-down catalog of your items, which can't be customized. Your site's design and other pages and content cannot be seen, so you can't build your brand on mobile.

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