Comparing CubeCart to 3dcart: which is better?

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Building your online store with 3dcart vs. building with CubeCart

3dcart: Your All-Inclusive eCommerce Solution. CubeCart: Extra Fees and Extra Effort.

Everybody is tempted by the word "free." And for a business owner, it's always worth looking at any opportunity to shave down your costs and improve your profit margin. But when it comes to your eCommerce website, you really can't afford to cut corners. CubeCart may be free shopping cart software, but you'll need to pay for everything else — hosting (which must meet certain criteria), SSL, certain features, and more. Software updates are also your own responsibility, and with an open-source free cart, you will need to upgrade as security vulnerabilities are found and closed. To make it all worse, tech support is expensive and only available during certain hours.

3dcart, however, includes everything you need right out of the box, with far more features than CubeCart. Hosting, security, support, and software updates are part of your plan and all the technical stuff is handled by our team. You'll find that when compared to so-called free carts, 3dcart pays for itself.


Compare 3dcart vs. CubeCart: features and fees

Cutting-edge eCommerce for one monthly fee vs. paying more and getting less

Store Creation and DesignStore Creation and Design

CubeCart has a limited free theme selection, with most looking outdated and overly similar. The paid themes aren't much better. But the biggest problem is that the themes are tied to the software version, so an update can break your whole design! But with 3dcart, you'll have a choice of dozens of gorgeous, customizable themes that aren't affected by software updates.

Usage FeesUsage Fees

CubeCart claims to be a free eCommerce platform, but only the software itself is free: you'll need to pay for web hosting, tech support, your SSL certificate, and more. Plus, some needed features are locked behind premium purchases. But with 3dcart, all the essentials are included for one monthly fee, which saves tons of money in the long run.

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“I am so done with CubeCart. I was having problems with its URL generation causing duplicate content issues which hurt our SEO, our rankings really tanked. But fixing this was a little beyond me so I looked into tech support… to get the help I needed would have been $60 a month plus $70 setup fee! I am so glad I moved to 3dcart. Everything works, I don't need to know coding, and I'm getting it all for less than the cost of CubeCart's support alone.”

– Former CubeCart User

Customer SupportCustomer Support

CubeCart is not an easy cart for beginners, so you're probably going to need tech support — but you'll have to pay $40 per month just for the minimum support package! And no matter how much you pay, support is only available during UK office hours. 3dcart, however, gives you free 24/7 tech support with your plan.

Run a hassle-free online store with 3dcart

Build and market your eCommerce website with a powerful set of user-friendly tools

3dcart: Beginner-friendly and fully supported

3dcart payments

3dcart is the perfect solution for any business owner, regardless of eCommerce experience. Build and manage your store with a friendly interface that handles all the technical stuff for you. Every detail in 3dcart is fine-tuned to help you succeed.

CubeCart: You won't get far without technical knowledge


CubeCart users need to understand web server configuration and webmaster skills just to get their site up and running, and you never know when you'll run into an issue you just can't solve. If the online forums can't help you, there's no choice but to pay or give up.

Fully Managed eCommerce Software vs. Installation and Maintenance Done by You


Leave the tech to us! 3dcart handles all your hosting, bug fixes, software upgrades and maintenance, and more so you can focus on running your business.


Hosting, software updates, bug fixes, and everything else is up to you, so you'll spend tons of time just getting your site to work properly — even if you buy a support package.

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