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The real cost of 3dcart vs. the real cost of fortune3

3dcart: Sleek and Modern. fortune3: An Aging Platform.

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line eCommerce platform to give your online store all the advantages, fortune3 will not serve your needs. Everything from their admin dashboard to their store themes are lagging behind the times, and customers report a poor experience on mobile devices. Low product limits plague their pricing models, and business owners who want to switch away from fortune3 often have a hard time canceling their account.

With 3dcart, you'll never have any of these problems. We're always updating our software to provide the best possible experience for you and your customers, all plans have unlimited products, and— should you still decide 3dcart isn't for you— cancellation policies are straightforward.

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3dcart vs. fortune3 functionality comparison

Simple and modern vs. overly-complex and outdated

Admin interface ease-of-useAdmin interface ease-of-use

fortune3 splits its admin across two separate dashboards, the “Store Builder” and “Administration Panel,” and you can manage your inventory from both— but your edits don't carry over from one to the other. If you make a mistake and add a product through the wrong dashboard, this can become a hopeless mess very quickly. But with 3dcart, you do everything through a single dashboard, eliminating this needless hassle.

Mobile-friendly checkoutMobile-friendly checkout

Online stores using fortune3 are difficult to use on mobile devices, and customers report having a hard time checking out, especially on their phones. Over half of online shopping these days is done through mobile devices, so this is a significant problem. 3dcart stores, however, provide a smooth, flawless mobile checkout to your customers.

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“I used fortune3 for a while and I couldn't get over their strange user interface. Splitting everything up between two admin panels just added needless confusion to running my business.”

– Former fortune3 Customer

Communication and transparencyCommunication and transparency

fortune3 often goes silent for long periods of time, leaving customers wondering what's going on at the company. Nobody wants to worry that the platform they rely on might disappear or cease support. In contrast, 3dcart maintains constant communication with its merchants and stellar customer relationships, 24/7/365.

Maintain control of your business

3dcart gives you the tools and freedom to manage your store how you see fit

Accept payments your way, no extra charge

3dcart payments

3dcart integrates with over 160 payment processors, so you can let your customers pay how they want. Plus, we don't charge transaction fees.

Use fortune3's own merchant account or pay penalties

fortune3 payment options

If you don't want transaction fees, you'll have to use fortune3's own merchant account to process your payments— and fewer payment options are supported.

Same-domain checkout vs. shared subdomain


Your customers will always check out on your own domain name, even if you use 3dcart's free SSL.


ou'll have to pay extra for a dedicated SSL in order to avoid switching your customers to fortune3's SSL subdomain.

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