Sell Products on Facebook to Reach More Customers

Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly users worldwide. For perspective, that's almost a third of the Earth's entire population — meaning nearly endless potential for growing your customer base. An average of 1.59 billion users log into their Facebook accounts every day, making the world's largest social media platform a bustling virtual world connected by the power of the internet. If you want nearly endless potential to reach more customers and make more sales for your business, Facebook is the perfect venue.

Shift4Shop provides all the tools you need to completely connect your store to Facebook and take full advantage of all its features.

sell products on facebook

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Facebook is a constantly growing social media platform with several effective tools for selling online, building your audience, and marketing with both organic and paid methods. Shift4Shop stays on top of these developments to ensure your online store has everything you need to use all of Facebook's tools to best advantage.

With Shift4Shop, any business owner can seamlessly connect their online store to Facebook to benefit from the power of the world's largest social network. Meet millions of potential customers through organic and word-of-mouth online marketing and Facebook Dynamic Ads, ultra-targeted paid advertising that reaches the customers you want. Interact with customers and sell products right from your Facebook Business Page, and add Log In with Facebook to your online store for ultimate convenience.

Shift4Shop's all-inclusive Facebook integration makes it the best solution for online business owners to build a complete eCommerce website with all the advantages of social media.

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Selling on Facebook

There's more to selling on Facebook than posting ads or creating a Page to drive visitors to your eCommerce website. Facebook offers plenty of great tools for growing your business, and Shift4Shop makes them easier to use than ever.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is a business's main social media point of contact for people on Facebook, making it a type of virtual storefront. Customers will often find your Facebook Business Page before finding your eCommerce website, so you can use it to make a great first impression. Existing customers frequently visit the Facebook Pages of their favorite brands, and thanks to social sharing, your business is ready to be discovered by their friends and acquaintances. People on Facebook can Like your Page to show support for your brand.

Your Facebook Business Page can include all the pertinent information about your business including location, contact information, and more. There's plenty of room for photos, including a profile picture and cover photo as well as galleries showing your brick-and-mortar store (if you have one), lifestyle photos of your products, and much more.

There's a lot you can do with a Page. Post news and updates about your business, talk to customers and answer their questions, and get reviews. Best yet, Shift4Shop's promotional tools are perfect for ramping up your organic Facebook marketing. Add coupon codes to your Facebook posts, share your Daily and Group Deals for a chance to go viral, and encourage customers to share their wish lists and tag your business in their posts.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Shop

The Facebook Shop feature allows you to sell products directly on Facebook by adding a Shop tab your Business Page, allowing visitors to shop directly from your social media presence and giving you a new way to reach millions of potential customers. While creating your Facebook Shop you can add your business's shipping address, accepted currency, and other details. Once it's ready, you can load it up with products ready for purchase.

Facebook product listings are complete with images, pricing, and star ratings, ready for the customer to click and buy. Shift4Shop's Facebook integration makes it even simpler to create your Facebook Shop, as you can export products directly from your online store, including all their information. With only a few minutes of setup, you can have a fully functional online store contained within your Facebook Business Page and completely integrated with your store on the Shift4Shop platform. Customers, sales, and inventory remain synchronized, and changes you make in your Shift4Shop store transfer to products in your Facebook Shop. A massive time-saver!

The checkout process is performed through your Shift4Shop store, allowing customers to benefit from Single-Page Checkout and other convenient features — as well as providing you with an opportunity to encourage the customer to browse other parts of your website.

Facebook Shop

Facebook Checkout

You have two options as to how you set up the checkout process. You can direct customers to your Shift4Shop store, allowing them to benefit from Single-Page Checkout and other convenient features — as well as providing you with an opportunity to encourage the customer to browse other parts of your website. Or you can use Facebook Checkout, which lets customers check out right on Facebook without leaving the app. The main advantage of Facebook Checkout is that it reduces friction and speeds things up for customers. It's up to you which type of checkout you use.

Facebook Checkout

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most powerful organic marketing tools available. Take it a step further with these powerful paid advertising features and connect with customers like never before.

Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts

There's no doubt that people's Facebook feeds are busy. With constant updates from friends and family, Liked Pages, news, and other content, it's easy for your voice to get drowned out in the crowd. Sometimes, with everything else that's going on, even the most interested customers won't see your posts in their news feed.

That's where Boosted Posts come in to give a little extra kick to your organic Facebook marketing. This feature allows you to increase the visibility of qualifying Facebook posts by selecting an audience and allocating a daily budget to ensure the post displays in targeted news feeds. You can set a duration as well, so your post will only be boosted until a certain date or period of time has passed. You can also view metrics and results from your Boosted Posts to help you improve your advertising strategy.

Boosted Posts are perfect for expanding your reach in a way that still feels more organic and less like advertising. Customers perceive Boosted Posts differently from ads, and since you can boost many types of posts, they're perfect for sharing contests, limited-time offers, special deals, and other content that wouldn't work for a traditional advertisement.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads leverage the power of social media to show the right ads to the right people. With this innovative advertising platform, you can serve ultra-targeted, precise ads directly to customers whose profile and browsing history suggest their potential interest in a certain product or type of product. It's never been easier to personalize your ad campaigns.

It's the perfect system for bringing your marketing to the next level — automatically show different products to different people based on their interests and activity, and promote any product to anyone based on specific criteria that helps put an end to guesswork. Instead of targeting broad demographics, aim right for people with interests that match your business!

Plus, Facebook Dynamic Ads use retargeting: a technique that displays ads to people who have already completed a certain action. Get your ads in front of viewers who have already Liked your Business Page, visited your website (right down to specific pages!), made a purchase from you, added an item to their cart, and more — regardless of which device they used while doing so. This is a crucial feature for capturing the attention of customers who have already shown signs of interest.

Retargeting is made possible by installing Facebook Pixel on your website, which also gives you access to full-featured reporting to optimize your advertising campaigns (for more on Facebook Pixel, see below).

Analytics and Business Management with Facebook

Facebook's business tools go beyond Pages and advertising. It includes features for higher-level management for your business on Facebook and valuable data for your eCommerce website.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a tiny piece of code you can install on your website to collect, analyze, and use the data from customers clicking your Facebook Ads. Besides the retargeting function that powers Facebook Dynamic Ads, it provides crucial insights that allow you to understand the traffic coming to your website from Facebook so you can quickly gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook Ad campaigns. Improve your ads, ensure they're reaching the right audience, and view all your conversions with custom filtering rules to narrow down the displayed information.

With Shift4Shop, you can start using Facebook Pixel right away with no need for coding skills or technical knowledge. It takes only seconds to install Facebook Pixel from your Shift4Shop dashboard.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager

As your business grows, you may want more specialized tools for managing your business's Facebook presence. Facebook Business Manager enables the use of Facebook Dynamic Ads and provides a centralized interface for administering your Facebook Pages and advertising.

Facebook Business Manager is the perfect solution for adding more staff to work on your Business Page while limiting their permissions to specific roles. This also allows you to safely outsource tasks to social media managers, page designers, and other third parties without risking ownership of your Page. You can run multiple Pages from a single Facebook Business Manager as well.

Facebook is also implementing advanced security tools for users of Business Manager to provide extra protection to growing businesses. You're free to create your Facebook Business Manager whenever you see a need to start using its features.

Adding Facebook Login
to Your Website

Many customers hate having to create a username and password for every site. If they're frequent internet users, they may already have tons of login credentials for dozens of websites and be reluctant to create another. Of course, you can offer guest checkout while at the same time promoting the benefits of making an account on your online store, but you can also offer them a much quicker alternative: Shift4Shop's Facebook Connect plugin.

Facebook Connect lets customers seamlessly log into your online store with their Facebook credentials. New customers can create their account on your store instantly and repeat visitors can log in with their existing information. Allowing customers to sign in with their Facebook account eliminates the need to create a new login and password for your store, so they can get all the benefits of a store account — like wish lists, order history, and saved information — with no extra hassle. Logging in through Facebook saves time and further personalizes customer experience.

Facebook Login

Some customers love to share whenever they make a purchase, letting all their friends and followers know about the item they just bought. The Facebook Connect plugin also includes a Share Your Purchase feature that lets customers immediately post to Facebook and Twitter with ease. Social media is about sharing, so why not give your customers a tool to make it simple to promote your products?

Shift4Shop includes everything you need to sell online

Frequent Questions about Selling on Facebook

How can I sell my products on Facebook?
First, create a Business Page from the options available in your personal Facebook account. Then upload your products, whether manually or via a time-saving eCommerce platform like Shift4Shop, which will keep your product information, pricing, and sales synchronized over both channels.
Does Facebook have requirements for running a Shop?
Yes, Facebook has a few restrictions and requirements on the items you can sell or advertise, and your business policies. You can find out more by reading Facebook's Commerce Product Merchant Agreement, Commerce Policies, and other policy pages linked within the Merchant Agreement.
How do I let customers log into my store with Facebook?
Connecting Facebook to your online store in this way requires some custom programming, but you can implement it quickly with Shift4Shop's Facebook Connect plugin. Once you purchase the plugin, Shift4Shop developers will create a Facebook app for your online store which will enable the login and Share Your Purchase features. It will take 3 business days for your store's app to be approved by Facebook and activated on your website.
Why is there a charge for the Facebook Connect plugin?
Facebook Connect requires the creation of a Facebook App to let customers log into your online store using their Facebook account. Since this app must be created separately for each individual Shift4Shop store, it is a separate service. However, note that it's a one-time charge, not a monthly fee.