How to Sell Quilts Online
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Quilting is a popular pastime. Buying quilts is even more popular. If you have a passion for quilts, leaning how to sell quilts online might be an intriguing business concept to explore. Even if you haven’t started an online store, now is the best time to get involved in the explosive world of ecommerce.

To get started with an online business, it’s important to research the market you plan to enter; the software you plan to use; and the audience you plan to sell to. Anything you learn about technology will be on the job training; today’s software is intuitive, offering an easy to use experience for ambitious professionals learning how to sell quilts online.

1. Choose a software solution that works for your business.

Unlike a nice quilt, patchwork isn’t the way to go when it comes to choosing software for your business. You want a strong, comprehensive system that is as versatile as it is easy to use.

Consider one that gives you the ability to hand out rewards to loyal customers. Built-in social media functionality is a must. A strong phone support line, backed by customer testimonials, is a key thing to have as you learn how to sell quilts online.

2. Design a website that accurately represents your store.

Quilts can be colorful. They can be classic. Those same elements should go into the design of your online store. You don’t have to be a designer to create a lively store. Your shopping cart software should come equipped with some great templates to get your started.

Sometimes, it makes sense to go with a professional designer. If you decide to go that route, make sure you have access to the design elements of the website software.

3. Take great pictures of your products.

Learning how to sell quilts online requires you to practice your photography. Taking pictures of your products is an extremely important part of how you’ll sell them. Make sure to use high-resolution images that show your quilts on a bed or wrapped around a real person. That way, it’s easier for shoppers to imagine themselves using your quilts.

4. Spend time spreading the word.

Finally, getting started means getting the word out. There are tons of ways you can do this through social media and email channels. It’s also nice to reach out directly to quilting enthusiasts and form a relationship. Offer them nice discounts to get a starting pool of customers. That way, you can get customers in the door right away.

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