Google Shopping

Maximize your product’s visibility on the most prime real
estate out there; the top of Google’s result pages.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping was created to allow users to search for products online and easily compare them between different retailers. Ad campaigns uploaded to the Google Shopping Feed make it easy for businesses to connect with customers, increase online visibility, and gain an edge over competitors. Powered by Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center, the Google Shopping product feed is an efficiently automated way to show off your catalog at the top of Google’s search engine result pages.

Google Shopping Services

With Google Shopping, you can easily generate an ad campaign for your products in the Google Shopping section of search engine result pages. Google Shopping ads are significantly more effective than regular Google Ads, making it easier for customers to find and buy your products when searching for relevant keywords.

updated products

Automatically submit new & updated products daily

Using Shift4Shop’s Google Shopping Feed add-on, you won’t have to manually update your product feed; updates are sent out daily automatically.

  • Import product data that stays up-to-date automatically
  • Include price and availability that updates every day
  • Show customers what tax and shipping will cost for them
product campaigns

Set up product campaigns

Design a campaign strategy so you can execute ads that are cost-effective and optimized for conversions.

  • Put the focus on your best selling products
  • Add negative keywords to refine your campaign and save money
  • Give different product campaigns certain priorities for the same search query
  • Choose exactly who and where your ads will be targeted towards across multiple devices
optimize performance

Monitor and optimize performance

Use Google’s integrated services to see how your Google Shopping ad campaigns are doing, allowing you to take action on things that need improvement.

  • Include targeted keywords in your product ads to boost SEO
  • Manage your default bid, daily budget, and delivery preferences with AdWords integration
  • Keep track of how your ads are doing with Google Analytics integration
Google Ads

Get a leg up on traditional text-based Google Ads with visuals that convert

Google Shopping’s ad format allows you to make much more of a visual impact with your products that pull searchers in.

  • Easily add optimized images that show off your product alongside useful information
  • Stand out amongst a sea of text with your own attractive product photography
  • Show off dynamic pricing, star rating, special offers, and more alongside photos

Benefits of Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are great for your eCommerce business, automatically simplifying and optimizing your product’s visibility so you get more conversion results for less time and money. Here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll get by using Google Shopping:

  • Stand out from the rest and grab the attention of shoppers with a strong intention to buy
  • Take advantage of higher conversion rates and increase your ROI
  • Manage your product ads and ad spending easily
  • Reach more users with multiple products appearing on the same search term
  • Drive better qualified traffic to your online store

How to integrate Google Shopping in your online store

Shift4Shop and Google have partnered to provide an easy, automated way to manage your feed’s product data all in one place, helping your products gain higher reach and conversions while saving you time and money. Google Shopping Feed automation works with your Shift4Shop store by enabling the Google Product Feeds ad-on, making sure your store’s product catalog is uploaded to Google for approval effortlessly.

With a certified integration to Google Shopping, Shift4Shop merchants can have their product ads up and running in minutes. Join many small businesses who take advantage of effective integration with the leading search engine’s proprietary shopping network.

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