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Selling on 3dcart vs. selling on Etsy

3dcart: Unlimited Products and Sales. Etsy: Listing Fees and Transaction Fees.

Just because Etsy doesn't charge a monthly fee doesn't mean it's free. You'll pay every time you list your items, and then when they sell, you lose out on 3.5% per transaction. Sure, with small items or few sales, you may not bemoan the loss of a few cents. But over time, this adds up, and losing 3.5% of a bigger sale can feel like a significant hit, and it only feels worse with each sale. You're also required to use Etsy Payments, which charges yet another fee that depends on your country. Soon you'll feel bogged down by Etsy's fees, because the more money you make, the more you lose.

3dcart allows you to list as many products as you want with no additional charge, and we never punish you for success by cutting into your profits with transaction fees. We also have over 160 payment providers for you to choose from!

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Compare 3dcart vs. Etsy: features and functionality

A full-featured online store of your own vs. fading into a crowd of millions of sellers

Building your brandBuilding your brand

With Etsy, you have minimal control over your storefront. Sure, you can add a banner, but for the most part your store will look like every other Etsy store, making it nearly impossible to achieve the type of strong branding that develops customer recognition and trust. But with 3dcart, you have complete control over all aspects of your design, so your store can truly reflect you as it should.


Etsy leaves you on your own when it comes to marketing. You have no built-in tools for proven email marketing methods like newsletters, so you'll have to use a third-party service. 3dcart, however, comes with built-in newsletter and social marketing features. You can still use an outside service like MailChimp if you prefer to— and it's fully integrated.

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“Etsy's customer support is nowhere to be found. They say you can email or call them, but I couldn't find the actual contact information and I've never found a way to get through and talk to a person. The Seller Handbook can only do so much.”

– Former Etsy Seller

Customer supportCustomer support

Etsy users frequently report that they've never been able to get help or customer service of any kind, and that talking to a representative is out of the question. Customers are expected to teach themselves using online resources. With 3dcart, however, you'll have access to a real person 24/7 every day of the year.

Manage your business your way with 3dcart

Your business, your brand, your own online store — 3dcart makes it all possible

3dcart: Your own fully-customizable store to promote your brand

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3dcart offers over 100 themes to get you started, and every one of them can be customized however you like. Use our robust WYSIWYG editor or even get into the code if that appeals to you. You have full control over every aspect of your store's appearance.

Etsy: Be one of millions with a near-identical storefront

Etsy identical Storefronts

Etsy only allows minimal customization, so there won't be much to differentiate you from millions of other sellers. Plus, your products are mixed with others in search results, further diluting your branding power.

Customer Focus vs. Keeping Investors Happy


At 3dcart, our dream is to see you succeed. Our day-to-day operations and platform are all focused on doing what's right for our customers and building the best online stores possible.


Since Etsy became a publicly-traded company, changes have been introduced that have left their customers unhappy, and feeling neglected in favor of investors.

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