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The real cost of 3dcart vs. the real cost of osCommerce

3dcart: Fast and Easy Online Store Building. osCommerce: Clunky, Confusing, Constantly Crashing.

The osCommerce platform is free, and everyone likes free, right? But here's the problem: you may not need to pay for the software itself, but osCommerce is anything but free. You'll have to buy your own hosting, your own domain name, and your own SSL before you can even start on your store. And once you do, you'll probably also need to hire a developer and designer. In other words, you're completely on your own with osCommerce— there's no one reliable source to turn to for help, and you'll have to pay for everything.

3dcart couldn't be further from all those hassles. Your plan includes hosting, security, over 100 themes to choose from, simple customization, and constant access to all the support you need.

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3dcart vs. osCommerce functionality comparison

Full support and centralized development vs. unsupported and open-source

sad emojiTechnical support

With osCommerce, you're expected to learn everything yourself through interacting with the online community— there's no one to contact for direct support, and you can't always spend hours on forums just to learn how to use a basic feature. By contrast, 3dcart is happy to help you and we make our support available 24/7/365.

sad emojiReliable development

While there's nothing wrong with open-source in principle, it's not something you'll want to rely on for running your business. With osCommerce, when something goes wrong, you'll have to just hope someone fixes the bug— either that or fix it yourself. 3dcart, on the other hand, does all our development in-house and any bugs are soon stamped out.

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“I tried osCommerce and put a lot of time into learning it, but I could never get over the fact that all the tech support had to come from the community, and the admin interface looks at least 20 years old. I need a good eCommerce platform, not 1990s nostalgia.”

– Former osCommerce Merchant

sad emojiAttractive, optimized store design

osCommerce leaves you in the dark as far as design goes. Your store starts out with a basic, blank template and you'll have to rely on third-party designers for your themes. But with 3dcart, you can explore over 100 mobile-ready themes, over half of which are completely free— and all guaranteed to work perfectly with our platform.

Maintain control of your business

3dcart gives you the tools and freedom to manage your store how you see fit

3dcart: Infinitely scalable

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Your 3dcart store can handle as many products as you can sell, with no slowdown issues. It's perfect for any size business and any number of sales.

osCommerce: Collapses under pressure

osCommerce collapse

Stores using osCommerce get bogged down when you add too many products, making it a poor choice of platform for growing your business.

Feature-rich out of the box vs. reliant on third party add-ons


3dcart comes with everything you need to run an online store, dominate search engines, and reach new heights with your business. Our App Store provides extras, but the vital components are already built in.


osCommerce relies on community add-ons, developed by osCommerce users, for many important features. Support and updates are not guaranteed; you're on your own.

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