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The real cost of 3dcart vs. the real cost of X-Cart

3dcart: Everything is Included. X-Cart: Everything Costs Extra.

If you're opening an online store, do you want to spend time figuring out which plan you need and which software version would be right for you, before you can even get started? Well, that's exactly what you'd need to do with X-Cart. They offer two versions of their platform, both of which rely on an overcomplicated X-cart pricing structure. And on top of that, you have to pay extra for hosting, SSL, and support.

With 3dcart, you get everything in one simple package, and all the features are laid out for you. We provide hosting, security, and 24/7/365 customer support, and our pricing is straightforward. Plus, there's no downloading and installing software— simply sign up and go.

Cost of X-Cart

3dcart vs. X-Cart functionality comparison

All-inclusive vs. extra charges for basic features

sad emojiPricing

X-Cart's pricing structure is confusing to say the least, because it's priced differently depending on which version of the software you use. It also gets expensive quickly, in the range of thousands of dollars a year. Plus, you only get free software updates for a year, and after that you have to pay around 50% of the original cost— which is still significantly high. Hosting and SSL aren't included either. With 3dcart, however, you have a simple range of plans to choose from and security, hosting, and all updates are included.

sad emojiTheme selection

X-Cart has very few good themes to speak of, and even the responsive ones look dated. But 3dcart offers tons of sleek, modern, responsive themes to help bring your store to the next level.

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“I'm done with X-Cart. I even bought the tech support package and when I had problems, they didn't know how to fix most of them, and they also told me some of my issues weren't covered by tech support and wanted to charge me extra to fix them. No thanks, find an x-cart alternative

– Former X-Cart customer

sad emojiCustomer support

Unless you're willing to pay extra for a support plan, X-Cart customer support is restricted to figuring it out yourself through their community forums, and if you run into a problem you can't fix on your own, you're out of luck. 3dcart, on the other hand, offers free support 24/7/365.

Maintain control of your business

3dcart gives you the tools and freedom to manage your store how you see fit

3dcart: Everything you need to run your online store

3dcart payment options

With 3dcart, you get everything in one package: hosting, security, support, and all the tools you need to make your store shine.

X-Cart: Extra expenses for basic features

X-Cart Extra expenses

X-Cart forces you to pay extra for hosting and SSL and only offers support if you pay a fee for that too, driving your expenses through the roof.

Modern, responsive design vs. Outdated themes


Beautiful, responsive themes ensure your site looks top-of-the-line and works perfectly on all devices.


Even X-Cart's responsive themes look at least a decade old, giving a poor impression of your store.

3cart's responsive themes

Today, it's crucial that your website be responsive and mobile-ready. Responsive design is a key ranking factor with Google, and a non-responsive website will be penalized in ranking. Of course, a smooth modern look is important too, for attracting customers and enhancing your branding.

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