Market and Promote Your Online Store

Marketing is an essential cornerstone of business, and eCommerce is no different. Marketing and promotions help you gain new customers and encourage repeat business from your existing customers. Today, with the advent of social media, pay-per-click advertising, and the internet in general, you have more opportunity than ever before to reach customers everywhere. However, you'll need a solid eCommerce marketing education to make the most out of these strategies — and you can find that education here at 3dcart eCommerce University!

Market Your Online Store

Our Marketing and Promotion courses cover advertising, running successful sales and promos, and more. Check out our free webinars and written lessons to stay current on marketing and learn how to use the promotional tools in your online store.

eCommerce Marketing Videos

How to Add Related & Upsell Products to Your 3dcart Store

Upselling involves drawing your customers' attention to accessories and other products that complement their purchase, and is one of the foundations of marketing. You can also inform them of related items that aren't necessarily an upsell, but can lead to additional purchases in your store. Our video explains how to add unlimited related and upsell items to your products.

Featured Ecommerce Courses

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email Marketing
and Newsletters

Marketing via email, including newsletters and other promotional emails, still reigns as one of the most successful marketing strategies in the world. Learn how to use email marketing, how to create successful newsletters, and how to build your relationships with your subscribers. An essential eCommerce course for any marketer.
Effective Promotions

Guide to
Effective Promotions

Customers love coupons, sales, and special deals of any kind — but some promotions are far more effective than others. Learn how to set up your promotions to reach your target customers in a way they can't resist, and how to earn new customers by creating promotions your current customers will share with friends and family.

How to Make
Money on YouTube

Millions of users tune into YouTube every day to catch the latest videos from their favorite content creators. Whether you want to use YouTube to market your existing products, promote your brand, or just make great videos that people will love to watch, this eCommerce course will tell you how to build a YouTube channel, get ads, and earn income.