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B2B customers have specific requirements: they want a B2C-like experience, but with all the features a business needs to simplify the ordering process. Successful B2B eCommerce websites strike a good balance between the B2C shopping experience and B2B-specific functionality in order to best serve their clients. B2B eCommerce has grown significantly since buyers and sellers alike have discovered the value of informative, easy-to-use B2B online stores that make it easy to do business together.

Shift4Shop's cutting-edge B2B infrastructure serves numerous online B2B sellers with all the tools and features they need to build long-term relationships and grow their customer base. Check out some of our B2B merchants below.

Successful B2B eCommerce Websites Selling on Shift4Shop

TruTech Tools is a highly successful B2B eCommerce business supplying equipment for home inspectors, electricians, HVAC technicians, and more. After beginning as a single-room hobbyist operation, TruTech quickly expanded to become a premier supplier of more than 50 brands of equipment and outgrowing multiple offices. TruTech turned to Shift4Shop when their eCommerce needs began to overwhelm their previous platform Zen Cart and experienced 1,000% growth within their first year after the switch. The company relies on several Shift4Shop features like powerful CRM software, robust SEO, personalized autoresponders and more to build relationships with customers and continue growing.

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B2B eCommerce Websites
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Gorilla Supply
H-Mac Systems
MSI Viking
Wiedmann Bros
Castillo’s Restaurant Supplies
JES Restaurant Equipment

Selling B2B Online with Shift4Shop

While Shift4Shop is the best eCommerce solution for small businesses, it also has everything a business needs to build a successful B2B sales website. Shift4Shop's scalable hosting is great for businesses of all sizes, and tons of B2B features come together to make Shift4Shop an ideal solution.

Customer Groups allow you to fully segment your customer base to provide a personalized experience to different buyers. Set up client-specific pricing, and even hide pricing altogether from customers who aren't logged in — or simply hide any part of your website from unregistered users as you see fit. Set up multiple tiers of wholesale pricing with minimum and maximum order quantities per price tier. Offer lightning-fast ordering options like the Quick Order Pad and one-click reordering. Assign sales reps in your Shift4Shop dashboard to focus on certain clients, and distribute commissions as needed. Shift4Shop has everything a B2B eCommerce website needs to provide an ideal customer experience and reach success.

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