Raven Crystals Transforms from Obsolete to Fab-u-lous with Responsive Design.

Raven Crystals, based in Los Angeles and Ventura, CA, is a world-renowned crystals and mineral specimens providers, aiding customers in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing since 2011. Offering unique, rare and hard to find items, Raven Crystals products, unparalleled in quality, have provided the company with tremendous growth over the years, allowing them to evolve into one of today’s most trusted and respected crystals and mineral specimens businesses in the industry.

A Radiant Beginning

Like many start-up founders, Raven Crystals owner Andrea Lehr decided to pursue entrepreneurship with a simple goal in mind: she wanted to share her passion with the world. Introduced to healing stones through her work as a Reiki practitioner and energy worker, it didn’t take long for Andrea to become fascinated with the beauty and quality of the stones. As her interest in crystals and stones grew over the years, so too did her collection, until the time came when she knew it was time to share them with her friends and family.

As a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui/Tibetan lineage, a certified Holistic Massage Therapist, and a practicing Shaman, Andrea bought Raven Crystals hoping to connect customers with radiant and exotic items. Meticulous with selection, every crystal is personally selected by Andrea for its beauty, healing attributes, uniqueness, and collectible qualities. With crystals sourced from reliable, earth conscious vendors and private collectors from all over the world, Raven Crystals catalog quickly expanded to include one of the most diverse and impressive collection of high-quality crystals available.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Despite Raven Crystals initial success, the business soon found itself face to face with a major obstacle: an increasing number of customers were shopping on their smartphones, a technological advancement their website wasn’t equipped to handle.

Google, intent on making the web a more mobile-friendly place, put into place several changes that rewarded mobile-friendly websites in search engine rankings, while penalizing those that arent. My old website basically became obsolete with the new parameters set by Google and with the increase of internet shopping using new technology, devices such as smartphones, iPads, etc., said Andrea. My old website disappeared off the internet, I was invisible.

After being contacted by a company offering to redesign her website, Andrea decided it was time to shop around and start looking for the best team for the job. Her search led to Shift4Shop, whom Andrea had previously used for eCommerce website design services in the past. Fueled by her previous positive experience, Raven Crystals offered Shift4Shop the challenge of inducting the website into the Responsive Era, a challenge Shift4Shop accepted with enthusiasm.

A Sparkling New Beginning

After the re-launch of Raven Crystals’ website, it didn’t take Andrea long to notice the effect the sites new design was having on customers: her conversion rate was steadily increasing, a trend that would continue with each passing month. Andrea attests this marveling fact to the many new features her gorgeous website now supports.
“I LOVE it all. The home page with its beautiful sliding photo banners really showcase the crystals and my products, said Andrea. I really feel the website represents and gives shoppers a sense of what Raven Crystals has to offer in such a beautiful way. I love how you can magnify an image for a closer look at the crystals.”

Today, Raven Crystals continues to offer some of the worlds most prized crystals and mineral specimens, proudly offering desktop, mobile, and tablet customers an equally memorable, exotic, and wonderful shopping experience.

Andrea, thrilled with Shift4Shop’s design work, urges every business that has yet to go responsive to take the plunge: “DO IT! Go from clunky and obsolete to fab-u-lous and friendly.”

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