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B2B eCommerce Platform

B2B sellers have some serious challenges — and B2B buyers have some very specific preferences and demands.

If you want your business to succeed in the B2B retail space, you need to have the best possible support from your eCommerce software, with no oversights or issues that could harm your relationships with your customers. And make no mistake: with the added convenience of shopping online as opposed to the "old way" of ordering via phone or mail, eCommerce is the future of B2B sales. In fact, B2B buyers prefer an online shopping experience that resembles B2C shopping as closely as possible, and ease of use is a top priority.

3dcart B2B eCommerce is the perfect solution for online B2B retailers. Whether you're already established as a supplier and want the perfect website for B2B sales, or you're a growing business seeking to step into B2B for the first time, 3dcart's B2B eCommerce plan has the industry's best set of features to meet the demands of your B2B customers and help your business excel.

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B2B eCommerce Plan Details

3dcart's B2B eCommerce is designed specifically for businesses that supply other businesses and maintain B2B relationships. We've taken our full range of eCommerce features and added the additional power of select apps and integrations valuable to B2B businesses. These apps carry a cost in our app store, but 3dcart's B2B eCommerce plan includes them free, creating an unprecedented value for your budget.

Pricing: $379/Month (or $341.10/Month with Annual Plan)

At $379/month, 3dcart B2B eCommerce offers more power for your business at a much lower price than competing platforms, including the hidden costs of "free" open-source eCommerce software (such as hosting, security and PCI compliance, and custom development) which can add up to thousands of dollars per month. Or, prepay for a year and get 10% off — a savings of $454.80.

Staff Users: 15

A Staff User is an administrator account for your 3dcart online store, with a login and password to access your website's dashboard.You have full control over Staff User permissions so you can designate employees to tasks of your choice. 3dcart B2B eCommerce includes 15 Staff Users, perfect for the business owner and select employees such as sales reps, customer service specialists, accountants, and others. More Staff Users can be added for $10/month each.

Number of Products: Unlimited

Some B2B suppliers only stock a few products, while others have massive catalogs ranging into the thousands of items. 3dcart B2B eCommerce can serve you no matter how large and varied your inventory, with space for unlimited products and images. Plus, even the biggest catalog of products can be uploaded in bulk via CSV file.

Online Sales per Year: Up to $2M

If your organization reaches a trailing 12-month sales volume of $2,000,000, your store is probably experiencing significant traffic that requires a more powerful infrastructure. At this point, an upgrade to 3dcart Enterprise is needed to support your business's continued growth. You'll gain several benefits such as additional Staff Users and still retain the bonuses from the B2B plan, plus we'll waive the Enterprise setup fee.

Email Accounts: 30

A business needs branded email accounts at its website domain name, especially in B2B where professionalism is key. With 3dcart B2B eCommerce, you'll have access to 30 branded email addresses you can set up and distribute to employees as you see fit.

All Plans Include the Following Features

3dcart includes several baseline features that provide the eCommerce functionality every online store needs, and many of them help set us apart from other eCommerce platforms. Our goal is to provide your business with the tools it needs to unlock its maximum potential, while eliminating issues that stem from using inferior software.

No Transaction Fees

Some eCommerce software adds a transaction fee to the pre-existing payment processor fee, and while this fee can be as low as 0.5%, it adds up greatly over large volumes of sales such as a B2B seller is likely to make. 3dcart adds no extra fees, so you can keep more of your profits.

Domain Registration

Domain name management is another task every business needs to take care of. 3dcart simplifies the matter by including a free domain name registration with your 3dcart account. Plus, registration is private to protect your personal information. Established businesses need not worry: if you already have a domain, you can point it to your 3dcart store in minutes.

Shopping Cart

A core part of 3dcart's platform is our streamlined, fully-optimized shopping cart. Our shopping cart software is built to run smoothly and avoid the problems that can plague other carts and cost sales. With 3dcart, your online store can handle transactions of any size with no slow-down or bugs. You can even choose a single-page checkout if you prefer.

Unlimited Orders

Some eCommerce platforms impose a cap on your store's maximum number of orders per month. As part of our mission of supporting business growth, 3dcart places no limits of any kind on your number of orders. With 3dcart, you are free to expand.

24x7 Tech Support

As an online B2B seller, you're always open for business — especially if you have international customers in other time zones. That's why 3dcart maintains a technical support staff at all times, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our team is fully based in our US home office and is never outsourced.

Facebook Store

Want to sell products on Facebook? It's easy with 3dcart! Our built-in Facebook integration uses shopping feeds to allow you to export your products to your Facebook Business Page in moments, and any sales made through Facebook are handled through your 3dcart store's dashboard for the ultimate in convenience.

Secure Web Hosting

Security is crucial for eCommerce, as are reliable servers that can handle your business's traffic at all times. 3dcart is PCI DSS compliant, taking the burden of internet security off your shoulders and saving your business thousands of dollars per year — and our servers exceed the industry standard of 99.94% guaranteed uptime.

50+ Mobile-Ready Themes

Your website's appearance is crucial for making the best impression on your customers, and eCommerce websites need to be mobile-friendly, no exceptions. 3dcart makes the challenges of ecommerce websites easy by providing dozens of free and premium themes that look and work great right out of the box, and can also be customized to meet the needs of your brand.

Built-In Blog

Blogging is the best way to update your website with fresh, relevant content that will help you rank in search engine results. It's also useful for keeping customers updated with business news and industry trends. With 3dcart, you'll have blog functionality built right into your website so as to ensure the maximum SEO benefit and to make maintenance simple.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Some eCommerce platforms impose restrictions on bandwidth and charge hefty fees for overages, but 3dcart allocates unlimited bandwidth to your B2B eCommerce website. Your store can freely handle any amount of traffic your marketing can attract, removing yet another stumbling block in the way of your business growth.

200+ Payment Providers

Serving your customer base is much easier when you can accept the payment types preferred in your industry. 3dcart is integrated out-of-the-box with over 200 payment providers spanning numerous payment types and dozens of countries — more than any other eCommerce platform, so you can start accepting credit cards on your website.

API Access

Need to develop custom integrations to connect your 3dcart store to your ERP software, or create a custom app to add your own functions? 3dcart's REST API is open and fully documented to enable developers to build whatever you need.

The 3dcart B2B eCommerce Plan Also Includes the Following Features

As a high-end 3dcart plan, B2B eCommerce also includes advanced functionality covering the different aspects of running a B2B retail website.

Inventory management, marketing, customer records and more are all part of our industry-leading eCommerce package.

extra features

Main Features

These features are eCommerce essentials geared toward the form, function, and user experience of your eCommerce website, on both the customer-facing frontend and the employee-facing backend.

main features

The 3dcart B2B eCommerce plan includes all the main features from the Pro plan, including:

  • FTP Access
  • Real-Time Shipping
  • Shipping Labels
  • Unlimited Product Variants
  • Unlimited Categories and SmartCategories
  • Unlimited Product Images & Zoom
  • Inventory Control
  • Edit Orders
  • Advanced Product Options
  • Single-Page Checkout
  • Multiple Ship-To Checkout
  • Digital Downloads
  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards
  • Tax Rate Calculation
  • QuickBooks Connector
  • Product Reviews
  • Google Customer Reviews
  • Gift Wrapping Module
  • Visitor IP Blocking
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell Features
  • Saved Carts
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Module
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • 3dFeedback
  • Product Comparison
  • Automation Rules
  • Product Q&A
  • Pre-Orders
  • Autoship™ Recurring Orders
  • Shipment Delivery Notification

Essential B2B eCommerce Tool

3dcart B2B eCommerce includes powerful B2B-specific features to make running your business easier and provide your customers with the shopping experience they're looking for.

Essential B2B eCommerce Tool

Customer Groups

Customer Groups allow you to segment your customers according to various criteria, such as location, order volume, industry, products ordered, reorder frequency, or any other information in their customer profiles. The visibility of different areas and options on your website can be assigned per Customer Group, enabling you to perfectly tailor your website to each segment of your customer base. In fact, you can even sell B2B and B2C at the same time, from the same website.

Customer-Specific Catalog and Pricing

3dcart enables complete control over the products and prices you offer to different Customer Groups, making it possible to offer different pricing levels to different clients and even build sections of your online store specifically for particular clients you supply. The ability to personalize both your pricing and your catalog as needed presents unlimited opportunities for all kinds of B2B organizations.

Customer-Specific Price Lists

Further refine your pricing strategy by creating specific pricing for customers on an individual basis. Create lists of products and assign unique prices to them, and then assign those price lists to any customer as you see fit. This is a useful tool for giving specific customers special pricing based on your ongoing business relationships. You can create as many price lists as you need, assign them to multiple customers, and assign more than one list to the same customer. If a product is on multiple lists and a customer is assigned both, the product's higher listed price will be used.

Minimum Order Quantities and Bulk Discount Tiers

Easily define minimum order quantities for each product, along with specific quantity multiples as necessary for items sold in packs, cases, or pallets. You can also set up tiered bulk discounts to offer increasing discounts as the customer purchases larger quantities. You have full control over which discount tiers are offered to which customer groups.

Restricted Access

3dcart allows you to hide as much of your website as you prefer from unregistered visitors, including pricing, products, or even entire sections of your catalog and more. You can also leave your site visible while preventing unregistered visitors from purchasing, to allow new potential customers to see what you offer — it's your choice. Whichever setup you choose, you can implement password protection on the desired parts of your website within moments.

B2B Cost Center Locations

Some B2B organizations only sell to a specific list of customers or locations, such as franchises, employees, or other businesses with exclusive sales agreements. The B2B Cost Center Locations add-on allows you to define a list of locations for your different Customer Groups to select from at checkout, as an alternative to allowing them to enter a shipping address. B2B Cost Center Locations is normally $49.99/month, but is included free with 3dcart's B2B eCommerce plan.

Tax Exemption Status

Certain products, categories, customers, or even whole Customer Groups may qualify for tax-exempt status. 3dcart already makes it simple to charge the correct sales tax at all times, but we also include functionality for defining tax exemption wherever it's needed — per product, per customer, and more.

Order History and Quick Reordering

Customers who repeatedly place identical orders will be able to reorder instantly from the order history on their Account page. This is a highly-demanded feature among B2B buyers, who seek the fastest possible way to place accurate, consistent orders.

Quick Order Pad

Some customers may already have the Part Numbers or SKUs of multiple products they want to buy from you, whether because they're familiar with your catalog, or because you sell parts that are commonly ordered by Part Number such as auto parts. The Quick Order Pad allows customers to simply fill in Part Numbers and quantities to place their order, rather than needing to browse your website! This add-on is normally $199, but is included free in 3dcart's B2B eCommerce plan.

Purchase Order Module

Just because your business is a B2B supplier doesn't mean you don't necessarily get your products from another distributor first. 3dcart's Purchase Order module makes it simple to keep your inventory stocked up by allowing you to automatically generate Purchase Orders when your inventory falls below your defined threshold. You can then receive and restock inventory in the same screen.

Sales Rep Module

As a B2B organization, you may have any number of sales representatives working to secure new clients. 3dcart's Sales Rep Module makes it easy to manage commissions and assignments for your sales staff. Detailed reports can also be generated to track data from an individual representative or from your sales staff as a whole.

B2B Financing with Apruve

Apruve is a B2B credit network that allows B2B sellers to extend lines of credit to business customers, risk-free. B2B buyers with access to an open credit account, such as the one Apruve can provide for your eCommerce website, have been shown to place over twice as many orders and over three times more items per order — raising your revenue and Average Order Value. As the seller, you are paid within 24 hours and Apruve handles all invoicing automatically. The Apruve connector normally costs $99, but is included free in 3dcart's B2B eCommerce plan.

Please note that fees from Apruve will still apply.

PunchOut2Go Connector

A PunchOut catalog benefits the B2B relationship by allowing customers to view your eCommerce website within their own procurement app. This leads to improved convenience for buyers, and greater revenue for sellers — but PunchOut catalogs can be hard to develop. PunchOut2Go automatically makes your website compatible with a wide range of procurement systems so it can function as a PunchOut catalog for your customers. The PunchOut2Go connector is normally $1,000, but is included free in 3dcart's B2B eCommerce plan.

Please note that fees from PunchOut2Go will still apply.

ReTrans Freight Integration

Freight management is central to the business strategy of B2B sellers who often move vast amounts of products to fulfill clients' orders. 3dcart's partnership with ReTrans Freight brings the benefits of heavy-freight management and LTL shipping rates directly to your 3dcart store, so you can ship any size order with ease — and at great rates.

Marketing Features

Marketing is essential for any business, and 3dcart B2B eCommerce includes a powerful set of marketing tools that will help you reach potential customers, whether you choose to sell B2B-exclusive or also target B2C sales.

marketing features

The 3dcart Pro plan includes all the marketing features from the Plus plan, including:

  • Built-In SEO Tools
  • Built-In Blog
  • Social Wish Lists
  • Waiting List and Back-In-Stock Alerts
  • Gift Certificates
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • MailChimp Integration
  • AWeber Integration
  • Make-an-Offer
  • Store Credits
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Built-In Email Marketing Newsletters (25k)
  • Daily Deals
  • Group Deals
  • Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Gift Registry
  • Reward Points Loyalty Program

Sales Channels

Reach your customers wherever they are with streamlined sales channel integration from 3dcart. Options are included for selling face-to-face, connecting your store with Amazon, and more — and your inventory always stays synchronized.

Sales Channels

The 3dcart B2B eCommerce plan includes all the sales channels from the Pro plan, including:

  • Square POS Integration
  • Dropshipping Support
  • DOBA Dropshipping Connector
  • eBay Integration

Payment Processing

3dcart excels at giving your business the freedom to accept payments as you see fit. You'll have access to our full range of payment processor integrations, including several that are perfect for B2B buyers of all types, and you can even enable certain payment types per Customer Group or other criteria.

payment processor
  • 200+ Payment Gateways
  • Card on File
  • Corporate Accounts
  • NET 30, 60, 90, etc.
  • Paper Checks
  • PayPal Integration
  • Visa Checkout & Masterpass
  • Financing and Pay Later Options
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Accept Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

24/7 Support

3dcart stands ready at all times to help you with your online store, 24 hours a day, every day — including the holidays! No matter where your business is located or what time you need help, as a B2B customer you can access our Priority Support at any time and speak directly to our US-based home office. Our 3dcart Client Success Team is always ready to help with any question or issue, big or small.

The 3dcart B2B eCommerce plan includes all the support channels from the Pro plan, including:

Online Chat & Tickets
24/7 Phone Support

In addition to the support channels available in the Pro plan, the 3dcart B2B eCommerce plan also includes:

Priority Support

Your 24/7 access to 3dcart's technical support will be further bolstered with priority status, guaranteeing faster turnaround time for any issues. Contact support through any available channel at any time and our experts will be pleased to help you.

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3dcart includes everything you need to sell online

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