B2B Cost Center Locations Checkout

Shift4Shop’s B2B module for pre-defined cost center locations 

Selling Business-to-Business has a few more complexities than typical B2C eCommerce. Generally, you’re working on a larger scale, which means higher profits and more moving product — and that adds up to higher risk. That’s one reason why B2B sellers often only work with a specific list of customers that have gone through an application and approval process. If you’re a B2B seller, you may want to take it a step further and restrict your customers to a predefined list of shipping addresses on checkout.

With Shift4Shop’s B2B Cost Center Locations feature, you can do exactly that. Set up Cost Center shipping addresses and assign them to different customer groups, making it easy to keep track of your B2B customers’ official locations. Restrict purchases to specific addresses assigned by customer group and track orders shipped by location. Shift4Shop’s B2B Cost Center Locations feature is one of the many B2B eCommerce features available for any online store that sells exclusively to franchises, employees, or other businesses.


With the B2B Cost Center Locations Module you can,

  • Create Cost Center Locations in a simple interface and assign them to customer groups
  • View order histories for each Cost Center Location
  • Prevent customers from entering an unapproved shipping address by replacing shipping address fields with a list of pre-defined addresses


B2B Cost Center Locations Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I add, edit, or delete the addresses for Cost Center Locations?

You can manage your clients’ Cost Center Locations by visiting the Locations page, which you can access from the Modules menu on the left side of your Shift4Shop dashboard.

  • How does the list of Cost Center Locations appear to the customer?

At checkout, the customer will be presented with a dropdown menu containing all the approved shipping addresses for their customer group.

  • Is there a fast way to manage my Cost Center Locations without changing each one manually?

Yes! You can add, edit, or delete Cost Center Locations via Import/Export, using a properly-formatted CSV file.


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