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Businesses in different growth stages have different needs. It's one thing when a small business only has a couple employees (or just the proprietor!) and makes a few sales every week. But when word gets out, and your marketing starts to bring back results, your business will pick up.

As you get more active, you start to need more tools to keep everything organized so you can continue focusing on the tasks that make a business successful: order fulfillment, customer service, marketing, and much more. Of course, if your business is already bustling, you're well aware of how much there is to do and how the right tools will streamline everything!

Your small business is about to reach new heights with 3dcart Plus, the perfect plan for businesses that want to support their current growth and continue expanding through new promotional opportunities and additional organizational and customer management tools. Engage customers with Daily Deals and set up group discounts meant to go viral. Track every customer interaction with a built-in CRM. Rescue abandoned carts and give customers more options to leave feedback and compare products. Sell on Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and more all through a centralized control panel — and do it all with a beautiful, mobile-friendly online store you can customize to meet your brand's needs. 3dcart Plus is the perfect eCommerce solution for businesses that are serious about success.

plus description

Plus Plan Details

3dcart's Plus plan is built for growing businesses that need an extra edge to keep up their momentum. Access a robust suite of eCommerce tools covering everything from inventory to customer management to marketing. The Plus plan also includes advanced promotional and feedback features that often can't be found on other eCommerce platforms, or require an expensive app if they're available at all. 3dcart Plus brings more features together for your business than any other eCommerce provider's comparably-priced plan.

Pricing: $79/Month (or $71.10/Month with Annual Plan)

The 3dcart Plus plan is the most powerful eCommerce plan on the market at this price point. It includes more features and more selling power than competing providers, most of which lock needed features behind extra-charge apps. The 3dcart Plus plan is the perfect balance between affordability and capability for a growing business.

Staff Users: 5

A Staff User is an administrator account for your store, with a login and password to access your 3dcart control panel, The Plus plan includes 5 Staff User accounts you can assign to employees as needed. You'll have full control over Staff User permissions so you can decide which users can access which parts of the dashboard. If you need more Staff Users, they can be added for $10/month each.

Number of Products: Unlimited

3dcart is about opportunity, not limits. To help you run your business the way you need to, we don't cap the number of products you can add to your store. You'll have unlimited space for products, product images and video, and categorization.

Online Sales per Year: Up to $250k

When your trailing 12-month sales volume reaches $250,000, your store is ready to move up to the next plan, 3dcart Pro. 3dcart Pro includes all the advanced tools 3dcart has to offer, including automation and improved management tools that your business will need in order to stay competitive.

Email Accounts: 10

As a business owner, you should have your own professionally-branded email address at your domain name. This gives you credibility among customers, which is essential for all businesses. With 3dcart, you'll have 10 branded email accounts included, perfect for business owners, managers, department heads, or specialized employees.

All Plans Include the Following Features

3dcart includes several baseline features with all plans to help build a solid foundation for every size of business. Our built-in features will keep your store secure, take the technical burden off your shoulders, and provide you with limitless growth potential — all while saving you money. 3dcart is equipped and ready to help your business succeed.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, 3dcart doesn't nickel-and-dime you by adding transaction fees to your sales. After the usual small fee from your payment processor, the rest of the payment goes straight to your revenue.

Domain Registration

Your domain name isn't just a web address for customers to type into their browser, it's also an important part of your branding. All 3dcart plans include a free domain registration so you're that much closer to building your business.

Shopping Cart

3dcart's fully customizable shopping cart is the backbone of your online store, and provides a smooth shopping and transaction experience for your customers. Shoppers can view and edit their cart at any time, and even save it for later.

Unlimited Orders

Unlike some eCommerce platforms that place a hard cap on your allowed number of orders, 3dcart doesn't limit the number of orders you can receive in a month. We want our merchants to succeed, not to constrain them with arbitrary restrictions.

24x7 Tech Support

Online stores are open 24 hours a day, every day — and so is 3dcart. We know you may need help at any time, and that's why we offer free tech support 24/7/365, even holidays. Our support staff is fully in-house; never outsourced.

Facebook Store

Facebook is a necessity for businesses these days to build their brand and engage their audience. Sell right on your Facebook Business Page by exporting products from your 3dcart store. Your inventory remains synchronized.

Secure Web Hosting

Finding a compatible and affordable web host with great security can be a challenge for an eCommerce store. 3dcart solves this problem by including powerful, fully secure web hosting with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

50+ Mobile-Ready Themes

Online shoppers today prefer to browse on their mobile devices, so it's vital that your website is mobile-ready. 3dcart offers an ever-growing variety of gorgeous themes built to sell, fully responsive to all devices and screen sizes.

Built-In Blog

Blogging is important for building your brand, informing your customers, and creating relevant, valuable content to rank your website highly on search engines. 3dcart includes a full-featured blog module that matches the rest of your site.

Unlimited Bandwidth

A high-traffic day should be cause for celebration, not overage penalties. 3dcart stores have unlimited bandwidth allowances to handle as much traffic as you can pull in, unlike other platforms that charge hefty overages.

100+ Payment Providers

While credit cards remain popular, customers demand other payment options. PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Bitcoin, and other methods are all available, making checkout a breeze for any customer on any device.

API Access

Want to develop an app for 3dcart, or build an integration for your favorite software? 3dcart makes its full API available to every aspiring developer, plus complete documentation to help you get started.

The 3dcart Plus Plan Also Includes the Following Features

The Plus plan includes everything you need to run a powerful and successful online store, and more. You'll find awesome features that give you more customization than ever before, including tons of promotion types, advanced organizational tools, high-end marketing capabilities, and robust customer service and management tools. With other platforms, many of these would incur an extra monthly charge for an app, but with 3dcart Plus this is all built-in.

extra features

Main Features

These are the general eCommerce features you'll need to successfully and conveniently manage your website and run your business, including basic functionality and other features to cover situational needs. The 3dcart Plus plan includes so many powerful features, you'll find your number of necessary third-party apps rapidly decreasing — which also saves you money.

main features
  • FTP Access
  • Real-Time Shipping
  • Shipping Labels
  • Unlimited Product Variants
  • Unlimited Categories and SmartCategories
  • Unlimited Product Images & Zoom
  • Inventory Control
  • Edit Orders
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
  • Advanced Product Options
  • Bulk Quantity Discounts
  • Single-Page Checkout
  • Multiple Ship-To Checkout
  • Digital Downloads
  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards
  • Tax Rate Calculation
  • QuickBooks Connector
  • Customer Groups 3dFeedback
  • Product Reviews
  • Google Customer Reviews
  • Gift Wrapping Module
  • Visitor IP Blocking
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell Features
  • Saved Carts
  • 3dFeedback
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Module
  • Product Comparison

In addition to the main features available in the Basic plan, the 3dcart Plus plan also includes:

Customer Groups

Group your customers how you see fit, so you can segment your marketing, promotions, and nearly everything else. Customer groups can have different pricing, exclusive discount codes, different newsletters, and more. You can even hide parts of your store from certain customer groups to create an exclusive shopping environment, such as letting one customer group access new releases before others. The possibilities for organization and customization of your online store are endless.

Product Comparison

The Product Comparison module lets customers select different products to view them side by side and compare them across several data points. This is a powerful tool for helping customers make their shopping decisions, and also cuts down on returns and dissatisfaction as customers are more likely to choose the right item that fits their needs.

Purchase Order Module

One of 3dcart's many tools for streamlining your business is the Purchase Order module, which provides a fast and convenient way to order more merchandise from your supplier. You can set up multiple purchase orders for different distributors with the quantities of all the items you need to restock, and send them out with a few clicks when needed. When you receive the products, you can update your inventory counts from the same screen.

Product Q&A

Help customers and let them help each other too! With 3dcart's Product Q&A module, customers can ask questions about products right on the product page. Questions can be answered by other customers, or by you or one of your employees with access. This is a fantastic opportunity to display awesome customer service, help customers decide on their purchases, and possibly identify weaknesses in your product info if the same questions are always being asked.

FedEx Hold at Location

Sometimes a customer may prefer to pick up their order rather than have it shipped to their home. 3dcart's FedEx Hold at Location feature allows you to give your customers a choice of participating FedEx locations at which to receive their package. The location will hold the customer's shipment for up to 7 days and requires identification for pickup. This feature helps customers who have problems with receiving packages at their home and also prevents scheduling conflicts when a signature is needed.

FedEx Returns

Our built-in RMA module is improved with an enhanced FedEx integration that allows you to give customers an additional option for returning orders. Once you authorize a return, you can generate a label to email directly to the customer. The customer can then affix the label and drop off their return at any FedEx location.

Marketing Features

The 3dcart Plus plan includes a powerful set of marketing features in-demand by growing businesses who want to present special types of offers to customers and retain more sales. Not only do you get the best SEO tools in the industry, you have a massive number of options for creating promotions and specials and selling in a whole new way.

marketing features

The 3dcart Plus plan includes all the marketing features from the Basic plan, including:

  • Built-In SEO Tools
  • Built-In Blog
  • Social Wish Lists
  • Gift Certificates
  • Abandoned Cart Saver
  • Daily Deals
  • Group Deals
  • Store Credits

In addition to the marketing features available in the Basic plan, the 3dcart Plus plan also includes:


With 3dcart's Make-an-Offer module, you can choose select products to allow customers to inform you how much they're willing to pay. You can accept or reject any offer. This is handy for products that are hard to price, and can also tell you what an effective price point would be for the product.

Store Credits

Apply credit to a customer's account in lieu of a refund, issue credit for a partial amount to deal with a partial return, or award credit for customer service reasons as needed. You can also add credit to a customer's account automatically from an RMA. Store Credits open up more possibilities and streamline your returns process, too.

Abandoned Cart Saver

Customers who put items in their cart and then leave before completing checkout are considered to have abandoned their cart. 3dcart's Abandoned Cart Saver lets you create fully customized email campaigns to draw these customers back to finish their purchase. Send timed emails and even include discounts to help convince customers to return.

Built-In Email Marketing Newsletters (5k)

With 3dcart's built-in Email Marketing module, there's no need to use a third-party service like MailChimp or AWeber — you'll have everything you need to create segmented, scheduled, and effective email newsletters right from your 3dcart dashboard. The Plus plan nets you 5,000 newsletters per month! Still want to use a different service? No problem.

Gift Registry

A gift registry is crucial for many industries, but they're often buggy or have other problems. Some gift registries even lump your products together with your competitors'! But 3dcart's built-in Gift Registry module is a bug-free, fully-configurable registry creator focused on your products alone. Customers can name their registry, make it private or public, share it, and edit or delete as necessary.

Blog Subscriptions

Allow readers to subscribe to your 3dcart blog and receive updates whenever you post a new article. With this feature, customers will have an easier way of keeping up with your new content. Subscriber numbers can also help you learn which types of articles your customers find most interesting, so you can plan your content accordingly.

Promotions Scheduler

3dcart's flexible Promotions Manager is further enhanced with the ability to schedule promotions in advance. Select a date and time for your promotions to start and end, and the 3dcart software handles it from there. Additional reporting gives you a real-time look at your sales both during and after the promotion.

Facebook Ads – Advanced Matching

Advanced Matching brings automation and enhanced targeting to your Facebook ads. In addition to the information passed on by the Facebook Pixel, Advanced Matching enables the exchange of more precise customer information to ensure the most relevant advertisements are displayed to your existing customers.

Sales Channels

Owning an online store isn't all there is to selling online. You need to target customers across social media, support both mobile and desktop shoppers, and be able to create orders manually for phone orders or the occasional special case. With 3dcart, you can sell anywhere, anytime, and take orders in person or over the phone (or mail!) alongside your online store.

Sales Channels

The 3dcart Plus plan includes all the sales channels from the Basic plan, including:

  • Dropshipping Support
  • DOBA Dropshipping Connector
  • eBay Integration

In addition to the marketing features available in the Basic plan, the 3dcart Plus plan also includes:

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook advertising is a powerful and effective marketing tool, and 3dcart's connection to Facebook Dynamic Ads puts these tools at your fingertips. Advanced data collection comes together with extreme ultra-targeting to get your ads directly in front of the people who will be most interested in them.

Payment Processing

A successful business listens to its customers, and one thing customers will tell you is how they want to pay. Credit cards are still popular, but they're not the only option by any means. With 3dcart, you can accept payments from a vast number of providers, including digital wallets, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, regional payment methods, financing, and much, much more. And yes — you can even take an old-fashioned paper check if you want to.

payment processor

The 3dcart Plus plan includes all the payment processors from the Basic plan, including:

  • 160+ Payment Gateways
  • Card on File
  • PayPal Integration
  • Visa Checkout & Masterpass
  • Financing and Pay Later Options
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

24/7 Support

3dcart understands that online stores never close for the evening or holidays. Our customers are also located around the world, from the United States to Asia and Australia. That's why we offer free tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year including holidays. Our support staff works from our headquarters in Florida and is never outsourced.

The 3dcart Plus plan includes all the support channels from the Basic plan, including:

Online Chat & Tickets
24/7 Phone Support
support plus

3dcart includes everything you need to sell online

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