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3dcart startup plan

A new business faces many challenges, and one of the biggest is finding an eCommerce website platform that comes with the features you need at a price you can afford.

This is a balancing act where entrepreneurs must carefully weigh their budget against the tools necessary for growing their business. It's especially tough for a brand-new startup that hasn't yet turned a profit: you need to squeeze as much as you can out of every penny, but you need certain features to help your business become profitable and start returning on your investment. So how do you find all those crucial store management, marketing, and other website features while staying within your budget?

The solution is to use a feature-rich, affordably-priced eCommerce platform that brings you more for your money than other providers, and 3dcart's Startup plan fits the bill perfectly. At only $19 per month, you can build a fully-hosted and secure, modern eCommerce website complete with a shopping cart and access all the essential tools for selling and managing inventory — plus tons of advanced features to help your business start strong from day one.

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Startup Plan Details

The Startup plan is tailored to businesses in the early stages of growth, but with the right balance of features to help you expand at a comfortable rate. With 3dcart, you'll get everything you need to start off on the right foot and build your business into a successful venture — unlike other eCommerce platforms that have more restrictions than features on their lowest-priced plans.

Pricing: $19/Month (or $17.10/Month with Annual Plan)

Access 3dcart's Startup plan for the low monthly fee of $19/month — or opt for an annual payment and save 10%. With no contracts to sign and total freedom to change your plan whenever you need to, you'll find 3dcart's Startup plan the perfect solution for your new business.

Staff Users: 1

A Staff User is an administrator account for your store, with a login and password that lets you access your 3dcart control panel. 3dcart's Startup plan allows the creation of 1 Staff User account, which is usually sufficient for a beginning business. You can add more Staff Users for $10/month each, or simply move up to a higher plan as your business grows.

Number of Products: Unlimited

A brand-new business may only have a few products, but 3dcart's Startup plan gives you space for unlimited products right out of the gate. Rather than restricting you to 50, 25, or even just 5 products as some other providers do, 3dcart places no product limits even on the newest businesses.

Online Sales Per Year: Up to $50k

Once your trailing 12-month sales volume reaches $50,000, it's a sign that you're ready to move up to the Basic plan. With 3dcart Basic, you'll get more staff users and stronger infrastructure for a growing business. The upgrade will proceed automatically and ensure that your business immediately receives the new benefits to keep you on the path for growth.

Email Accounts: 2

As a business owner, you should have your own professionally-branded email address at your domain name. This gives you credibility among customers, which is essential for all businesses, but especially for new startups looking to make their mark. With 3dcart, you'll have 2 branded email accounts included, perfect for a partnership or a business owner and assistant.

All Plans Include the Following Features

Every 3dcart plan includes the essential eCommerce features you'll need to build and grow your business. If you've been shopping around with other providers, you may notice this list is longer than you might expect. It's true: while other platforms leave vital features out or hide them behind higher-tier plans with bigger price tags, 3dcart wants you to have as many tools as possible right away.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, 3dcart doesn't nickel-and-dime you by adding transaction fees to your sales. After the usual small fee from your payment processor, the rest of the payment goes straight to your revenue.

Domain Registration

Your domain name isn't just a web address for customers to type into their browser, it's also an important part of your branding. All 3dcart plans include a free domain registration so you're that much closer to building your business.

Shopping Cart

3dcart's fully customizable shopping cart is the backbone of your online store, and provides a smooth shopping and transaction experience for your customers. Shoppers can view and edit their cart at any time, and even save it for later.

Unlimited Orders

Unlike some eCommerce platforms that place a hard cap on your allowed number of orders, 3dcart doesn't limit the number of orders you can receive in a month. We want our merchants to succeed, not to constrain them with arbitrary restrictions.

24x7 Tech Support

Online stores are open 24 hours a day, every day — and so is 3dcart. We know you may need help at any time, and that's why we offer free tech support 24/7/365, even holidays. Our support staff is fully in-house; never outsourced.

Facebook Store

Facebook is a necessity for businesses these days to build their brand and engage their audience. Sell right on your Facebook Business Page by exporting products from your 3dcart store. Your inventory remains synchronized.

Secure Web Hosting

Finding a compatible and affordable web host with great security can be a challenge for an eCommerce store. 3dcart solves this problem by including powerful, fully secure web hosting with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

50+ Mobile-Ready Themes

Online shoppers today prefer to browse on their mobile devices, so it's vital that your website is mobile-ready. 3dcart offers an ever-growing variety of gorgeous themes built to sell, fully responsive to all devices and screen sizes.

Built-In Blog

Blogging is important for building your brand, informing your customers, and creating relevant, valuable content to rank your website highly on search engines. 3dcart includes a full-featured blog module that matches the rest of your site.

Unlimited Bandwidth

A high-traffic day should be cause for celebration, not overage penalties. 3dcart stores have unlimited bandwidth allowances to handle as much traffic as you can pull in, unlike other platforms that charge hefty overages.

100+ Payment Providers

While credit cards remain popular, customers demand other payment options. PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Bitcoin, and other methods are all available, making checkout a breeze for any customer on any device.

API Access

Want to develop an app for 3dcart, or build an integration for your favorite software? 3dcart makes its full API available to every aspiring developer, plus complete documentation to help you get started.

The 3dcart Startup Plan Also Includes the Following Features

Guess what? We're not done! 3dcart packs a ton of features into the Startup plan that other platforms don't give you for twice the price. That's because the Startup plan is a launching pad for getting a new business off the ground, so we include everything you need for a successful takeoff — and enough power to keep going and reach new goals.

extra features

Main Features

These are the general eCommerce features you'll need to successfully and conveniently manage your website and run your business. You'll find that 3dcart includes more powerful features in its Startup plan than competing platforms include in their plans of comparable price.

main features

FTP Access

While the 3dcart dashboard includes a file manager for uploading and editing files such as product photos, it can be tedious to add large numbers of them one by one. That's why we include FTP access to your online store's server: you can upload or edit large batches of files all at once and save yourself tons of time.

Real-Time Shipping

Surprise shipping costs are the number one reason customers abandon their carts. 3dcart's real-time shipping calculations display rates from major carriers including UPS, FedEx, the US Postal Service, and more, right in the customer's cart. Rates update when the customer alters their order, providing an accurate cost and preventing unpleasant surprises.

Shipping Labels

Generate and print shipping labels directly from your 3dcart dashboard with the customer's address and your business address automatically added. This is a huge time-saver, especially on busy days or large orders — and prevents mistakes that can happen when copying addresses by hand.

Unlimited Product Variants

Products with many sizes, colors, or other variants are no problem with 3dcart, which places no limits on product variants. Plus, you can include multiple types of variants simultaneously, like size and color, and organize them as you see fit on each product page. All variants' inventory count is tracked.

Unlimited Categories and SmartCategories

Create unlimited categories to organize your products and make shopping easier for your customers. You can designate subcategories as needed. Plus, SmartCategories can dynamically classify your items based on keyword, current promotions, new releases, and more, making it a breeze to create a dedicated page on your store for products on sale.

Unlimited Product Images & Zoom

3dcart provides you with unlimited disk storage space so you can add all the high-quality product photos your customers will want to see. Create photo galleries for products with detailed images that will zoom in when a customer clicks or mouses over them. Want to add videos? Upload or embed them directly on your product pages!

Inventory Control

With 3dcart's robust inventory control, you'll never lose track of how much you have in stock. Products can be tracked down to their individual variants, with count automatically updated when customers place orders. You can set up Stock Alerts to notify you when you're running low, and configure how out-of-stock items appear in your store.

Edit Orders

It happens all the time — a customer places an order, and then realizes they made a mistake. Maybe they selected the wrong size, or maybe they only bought one of something when they wanted two. With 3dcart, you can quickly perform vital customer service by editing orders when needed, a feature that's surprisingly missing from some competing platforms.

Advanced Product Options

Sometimes product variants don't just look different, they need to be handled differently, too. Maybe the largest size of a product is big enough to raise shipping costs, or maybe a certain variant uses materials that make it more expensive to manufacture. With 3dcart, you can apply unique information to product variants to ensure correct pricing, shipping, and tracking for each.

Bulk Quantity Discounts

Wholesale pricing is a familiar part of retail, whether you're supplying another business with products or simply creating an incentive for larger purchase quantities. 3dcart makes it easy to apply quantity discounts of any size to any product, including multiple pricing levels based on amount purchased, customer group, and more.

Single-Page Checkout

Customers want the smoothest online shopping experience possible, whether they're on desktop or mobile. Make checkout fast and simple (and cut down on page loading times) by implementing a single-page checkout that saves your customers time and effort. The more convenient your store, the more likely they'll come back!

Multiple Ship-To Checkout

In certain situations, a customer may want to make a single order and have it split among multiple shipping destinations. For example, maybe they're buying gifts for the holidays, or want to stock up their company's three offices with your products. You can choose to enable this feature to let your customers split single orders rather than needing to place more than one.

Digital Downloads

With 3dcart, you can sell more than just physical products: you'll have access to a full suite of tools for selling digital downloads like ebooks, music files, videos, and more. Encrypted product download links are automatically provided to customers upon payment, with full copy protection to prevent unauthorized reproductions.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Businesses thrive on information — the more, the better. Rather than leave you in the dark, 3dcart provides over 60 in-depth reports, analytics, and dashboards to help you identify every sales trend and all your strengths and areas in need of improvement. Instantly discover top-performing products and see the results of each marketing campaign, so you'll know what works and what doesn't.

Tax Rate Calculation

Sales taxes are something every business needs to handle accurately, or else risk fines and other problems. With 3dcart, you can always be sure you're charging the right amount of tax on your sales. Set up rates by country, state, or even ZIP code level with a few minutes of configuration, and the correct amount will be applied every time. Plus, you can set up tax exemption or different rates for different customer groups.

QuickBooks Connector

Proper accounting is crucial for businesses, but it can also be very tedious without the right software. QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software solutions in the world, and with 3dcart's QuickBooks integration, you can pull all your sales and other data right into QuickBooks to make organization and accounting easy.

Product Reviews

Studies show that most customers check reviews while shopping, and products with more reviews are more likely to sell. With 3dcart, you can display a complete review section right on the product page, with all the features you'd expect from a huge marketplace like Amazon. Customer comments, star ratings, and review sorting are all built in, as are helpfulness ratings for reviews.

Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews is a feedback collection system that lets your customers opt in for a quick survey about their shopping experience on your store. Your aggregated feedback rating is shown in Google ads and searches, but also appears in a badge on your website. The presence of the Google Customer Reviews badge increases customer confidence, especially if you have a good rating! 3dcart stores provide a quick means of enabling Google Customer Reviews on your website.

Gift Wrapping Module

Want to offer gift wrapping on some of your products? 3dcart's Gift Wrapping module makes it easy to create as many gift wrapping options as you want and make them available on any product page. You can offer a range of gift wrap options and charge for them as you see fit, and if you only want to offer it during part of the year, it's easy to hide your gift wrap options without deleting them.

Visitor IP Blocking

In some situations you may want to ban a certain visitor or region from accessing your online store. For instance, you might have identified a specific IP address that always places fraudulent orders or engages in otherwise malicious behavior. Or, you might want to prevent orders coming in from certain countries due to shipping costs or legal differences. 3dcart makes it easy with IP blocking, which you can use to simultaneously block a whole range of IP addresses.

Upsell & Cross-Sell Features

Increase your average order value by upselling (convincing the customer to add extras like warranties and upgrades to their order) and by cross-selling (displaying related products that are tempting to add to a purchase of an item). 3dcart comes with built-in tools for creating upsell and cross-sell offers for any product in your store.

Saved Carts

Customers love convenience, and they'll spend more time on your online store if you provide them with quality-of-life features that show you care about their experience. Saved carts are just such a feature, as they enable a customer to save their cart to complete their purchase at a later time. Customers can create multiple saved carts and access them through their store account, and even share their saved carts through email.

Marketing Features

The 3dcart Startup plan also includes valuable marketing features, all of which are crucial for building an audience and earning loyal customers. While these are important tasks for all businesses, success or failure can make or break a startup in its early days. That's why 3dcart equips you with a powerful suite of marketing tools right out of the box.

marketing features

Built-In SEO Tools

Online competition is fierce, so you need to start work on your SEO right away. 3dcart makes this much easier by including the most powerful set of SEO features out of any platform, covering both site infrastructure (like AMP for product pages, customizable URLs, dynamic meta tags, Schema.org data, page title tags, 301 redirects, XML sitemap and more) and content management (plenty of room for webpage and blog content to draw search engines). Plus, your entire site is secured, which gives an additional boost since Google prefers HTTPS.

Built-in Blog

Create blog posts to engage your customers and earn search rankings through posting valuable content, which also helps to establish your business as an authority in your industry. All the major blogging features are included, like post categories, archives, and comments, and you can optionally use Disqus Comments as well. Best yet, your blog matches the rest of your website perfectly and stays on your domain name, which would be difficult using an outside blog platform.

Social Wish Lists

Customers enjoy creating wish lists, whether to keep track of items they want or to help friends gift shop for them. But wish lists also offer a great opportunity for word-of-mouth advertising when people share them — and customers are more likely to buy from a business if their friends can vouch for it, which is exactly what sharing a wish list does. 3dcart provides an option for you to let customers make multiple wish lists, private or public, and share them directly to social media.

Gift Certificates

3dcart has a built-in module for adding gift certificates to your store by creating them right alongside your other products. When a customer buys a gift certificate, your store will automatically generate a digital code that can be used to redeem the specified amount. The customer can choose the email address that the gift certificate will be sent to.

Coupons and Discounts

3dcart has an extremely flexible system for creating coupons, sales, and promotions of all kinds. You can create discounts on the storewide or category-wide level all the way down to individual products, with full control over which items are included. Create coupon codes too, specify their maximum number of usages per code and per customer, and choose expiration dates. 3dcart's built-in Promotion Manager can do all this and more.

MailChimp Integration

3dcart is fully-integrated with MailChimp so you can make use of MailChimp's powerful email marketing tools to send email newsletters to your 3dcart customers. Import and export customer lists and place a newsletter signup box right on your website that will capture the email addresses of customers who opt in. 3dcart's integration with MailChimp provides full communication between both platforms for seamless marketing.

AWeber Integration

Prefer AWeber for your marketing emails? 3dcart also has a complete AWeber integration that allows you to use all of AWeber's marketing tools with your 3dcart website. Add a configurable email signup form, import and export customer mailing lists, and more.

Sales Channels

A successful business never puts all its eggs in one basket. You need to sell on multiple sales channels to get your brand and products in front of as many eyes as possible. 3dcart includes powerful multichannel selling features in the Startup plan to help you earn customers from as many sources as possible. If your business model includes dropshipping, you'll find full support for that too.

Sales Channels

Mobile Store

3dcart stores are mobile-ready and optimized for shopping on any device. This is a crucial feature in this day and age, as customers shift more and more toward mobile shopping. Responsive page design, mobile-optimized payment methods like Apple Pay, and speed enhancements like Google AMP make your online store perfect for mobile shoppers — without sacrificing any functionality or design on desktop.

Facebook Shop

Sell on Facebook in minutes with 3dcart's Facebook Shop integration. Export your products to your Facebook Business Page to populate your Shop tab, complete with product images, pricing, star ratings, and more, with your inventory perfectly synchronized between your Facebook and 3dcart store sales. The Buy Now buttons on Facebook will initiate checkout on your own website to encourage customers to browse. Plus, with such easy setup for your Facebook Shop, you'll have quicker access to selling on Instagram.

Phone Orders

Want to accept orders from customers over the phone? No problem! 3dcart has a complete interface for creating orders directly in the dashboard to accommodate customers who order by phone or mail. Optionally set up specific payment methods for this purpose, assign orders to customer records, and more.

POS Module

Sell face-to-face at your store location, trade shows, or anywhere with a complete Point of Sale module that synchronizes inventory between your online and offline sales. Connect your iPad or Android tablet and quickly ring up orders with a streamlined interface that keeps the line moving. Plus, expand your POS with hardware like barcode scanners, cash drawers, card readers, receipt printers, and more.

Square POS Integration

3dcart is fully integrated with Square's POS options, including the magstripe and chip card readers, the Square POS app, and the full Square Register setup. Square Register is a dual-screen POS station with touch screens for the cashier and the customer, which makes it easy to ring up sales and capture customer signatures and feedback. With 3dcart, you can connect your online store to Square Register to keep your inventory and customer records synchronized, and more.

Dropshipping Support

3dcart has full built-in support for dropshipping and will automatically notify your dropship supplier of new orders, as well as calculating shipping costs from their location. Sell products from your website with no need to keep them in stock — your supplier is notified of new orders and handles fulfillment, with you keeping your markup as profit.

DOBA Dropshipping Connector

DOBA is a popular dropshipping provider with access to over 2 million products, and 3dcart has a full integration that lets you connect your DOBA account and your 3dcart store. Add DOBA products to your 3dcart store and synchronize your inventory and fulfill orders from your 3dcart store automatically through your DOBA account.

Google Shopping Feed

Send correctly-formatted product listings to Google Shopping, including product images, star ratings, pricing, your brand name, and more. Google Shopping product listings appear in search results and can also be used for advertising. 3dcart's automated Google Shopping Feed can create and update your Google product listings in minutes.

Payment Processing

3dcart has more payment processing options than any other eCommerce platform on the market. With 3dcart, you can take all types of payment including popular options in over 30 countries and regions all over the world. You can also quickly set up offline payment options so you can accept checks and money orders. With a 3dcart store, you can accept the exact payment types your target customers prefer the most.

payment processor

160+ Payment Gateways

3dcart is integrated with tons of payment gateways, giving you an abundance of choice for credit card and eCheck processing as well as alternate payment methods like digital wallets, cryptocurrency, region-specific payment options, and more. 3dcart also supports high-risk payment providers for businesses facing special legal restrictions, like sellers of tobacco, alcohol, adult products, and other designated high-risk industries.

Card on File

Let customers save their payment information on your website and pay for new orders with their card on file. This feature is supported by any payment gateway with tokenization, which provides a secure, encrypted means of saving customer credit card numbers.

PayPal Integration

3dcart's complete PayPal integration allows you to accept payments through PayPal Standard and PayPal Express, with support for One Touch and PayPal's Smart Payment Buttons.

Visa Checkout & Masterpass

Visa Checkout and Masterpass are popular, secure digital wallets offered by Visa and Mastercard respectively. Customers can save all their payment information (with any card) in their Visa Checkout or Masterpass account, and pay without needing to re-enter their information. 3dcart supports Visa Checkout, Masterpass, and other digital wallets so you can accept these safe, convenient payment methods.

Financing and Pay Later Options

With 3dcart, you can give your customers the option to buy now and pay later, financing their purchases through payment processors like Klarna and Bread Finance. As the merchant, you receive payment immediately while the payment processor takes on the risk. Offering financing options encourages customers to make larger purchases.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Apple Pay is a very popular digital wallet for iOS, used to store data for online and contactless purchases. Google Pay works similarly, but for Android and any device using the Chrome browser. With 3dcart, you can choose to accept these commonly-demanded payment methods.

Accept Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Join the decentralized currency revolution by accepting Bitcoin through BitPay, a cryptocurrency processor that also handles conversions into hard cash for your bank account. With cryptocurrency becoming so popular, especially among the tech-savvy, accepting it for payment can put you at the forefront of your industry.

24/7 Support

3dcart understands that online stores never close for the evening or holidays. Our customers are also located around the world, from the United States to Asia and Australia. That's why we offer free tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year including holidays. Our support staff works from our headquarters in Florida and is never outsourced.

Online Chat & Tickets

Contact 3dcart through live chat and helpdesk tickets at any time, for questions or issues of any size. We'll be happy to help you out!

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