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Trust in Amazon Shopping Cart Software: Drive Traffic with Ads

Let’s face it: you’ve got your hands full with marketing your online store. To ease the burden, many online retailers turn to advertising, boosting traffic and brand awareness through an ages-old art.

Today’s social web greatly enhances the impact that advertising has on reaching your target audience through outside channels. Unfortunately, a good amount of uncertainty still exists within online advertising - but that’s where Amazon shopping cart software comes in handy. The laundry list of services Amazon offers to online retailers extends to the advertising realm, where online stores can engage their target audiences in their natural shopping habitat.

In the past, with magazines and newspapers, measuring the impact of advertising was a much less accurate science. The nice part of delivering ads online, especially through Amazon, is that you pay for them entirely based on measurable performance. Amazon offers a five-step process for advertising.

1. Load your product catalogue and create a budget.
2. Amazon shoppers view ads.
3. Shoppers click ads that take them directly to your online store.
4. You’re charged only when someone clicks on an ad.
5. Amazon shoppers purchase products on your site.

Amazon shopping cart software helps drive relevant traffic to your site, increasing conversions and visitors and fostering return sales. While Google Ads are also a nice way to drive more traffic, engaging potential customers already taking part in the shopping process increases qualified leads and the chance that someone will actually buy from you.

Posting ads on Amazon also helps increase the trust that you’re trying to build with your customer base. By association, your online store gains the benefit of Amazon’s reputation as the most popular online retail around. With that kind of loyalty, you’ll be able to gain your own reputation as a trustworthy online store through Amazon shopping cart software.

If you’re looking for more brand & product exposure, Amazon makes it simple for you to test its ad service. When you sign up, you get $75 in free clicks. That way, you can figure out if advertising on Amazon is the right strategy for your online store.

by Gonzalo Gil Google