Design Your Online Store

Your eCommerce website is your business's central presence on the internet, so it's important to build and design your store for maximum appeal. Many people are intimidated by web design, even if using an easy website builder like 3dcart. That's why we provide a rich selection of courses and webinars at 3dcart eCommerce University covering the different aspects of building your online store and choosing a design your customers will love. Here, you'll find all the information you need on setting up your eCommerce website from beginning to end.

Design Your Store

Can't wait to get started? We have a huge selection of free online courses that go over store settings, shipping, accepting payment, and much more. You can also check out our free webinars if you're more of a visual learner. Your eCommerce education begins here!

Ecommerce Web Design Videos

How to Customize Your Store with the Theme Editor

3dcart Core Themes bring tons of advantages to shoppers, like responsive design, quick navigation, and ultra-fast page speeds on mobile — but did you know Core Themes are easy to customize? Our video explains how to use the Core Theme Editor to make quick changes to your store's colors and branding to bring your favorite 3dcart Core Theme design closer to your brand's ideal image.

Photo Editing Courses

Product Photography

Introduction to Product Photography for Online Stores

Product photos play a huge part in convincing customers to trust in and buy from your brand. This course explains how to set up a photo studio on a budget, how to take and organize your photos, and how to edit the photos that need touching up. You don't need to be a professional photographer, either; just the detailed instructions in this course.
Creating Visuals that Pop

Worth A Thousand Words: Creating Visuals that Pop

Photos, backgrounds, your store logo, and other graphics are an important part of your branding and bring your website a more professional look… if they're done properly! This course introduces the concepts behind making the right design decisions that will cast your brand in the best light and make it memorable to your customers.
Photography Tips

8 Important Photography Tips for Online Stores

This course is a quick refresher on the fundamentals of product photography and your goals and objectives. These 8 short tips are a perfect "cheat sheet" for your product photography process, from planning to the actual photo shoot. A great starting point for beginners, and a good review for intermediate photographers.