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Trust in Amazon Shopping Cart Software: Order Fulfillment through a Recognized Brand

As one of the most successful online retail stores ever, Amazon is a trusted brand that most online shoppers are already familiar with. You may already sell some of your products on Amazon to draw in new customers, but there are other ways that Amazon shopping cart software can help build more trust in your brand.

If you run a small shop, order fulfillment can be tricky. Plenty of 3dcart customers use third-party vendors to ship their products for them; otherwise, you may need to bring additional staff onboard to handle the process of packing and shipping. Without third-party fulfillment, you’ll also need to maintain your own warehouse or storage facility.

Fulfillment services by Amazon accomplish fulfillment in an efficient, inexpensive way, with a trusted brand backing the entire process. When you work with Amazon shopping cart software, you send all of your inventory to one of Amazon’s secure facilities, where facility staff pack and ship your products for you.

A tight integration between your shopping cart software and Amazon means a seamless process. When a customer puts in an order, it’s fed through the system and heads directly to Amazon, where the item is prepared to ship. Setting up fulfillment with Amazon gives online retail stores several advantages, including:

  • Time Saved: With the professionals at Amazon taking care of the order fulfillment, you save time that might have been spent preparing and shipping the order.

  • Costs Saved: Renting or buying a warehouse is an expensive undertaking; with Amazon shopping cart software integrated into your store, you save costs on storage.

  • Business Efficiency: Tying your systems together through a tight integration means a more efficient end-to-end customer process.

  • Brand Trust: Allying with a brand like Amazon may increase the trust your customers have in your online store.

  • Fewer Shipping Errors: Through Amazon, you reduce the risk of costly shipping errors that may occur with the added responsibility of marketing and maintaining the store.

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by Gonzalo Gil Google