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Automation: Happy Customers & Increases Return Orders

Automation: it’s a lovely part of the technological revolution and a great way to help your online store work more efficiently. Not every ecommerce software will give you optimal automation ability—but that should be a huge part of your shopping cart evaluation process in the first place.

Keeping your customers happy is a crucial part of generating return orders, and return orders can represent more than half of all of your revenue—even more in most cases. So how do you take advantage of automation to create more happy customers and generate more return business? Take a look at some of the tips below.

01: Schedule automatic emails after the customer has received the product.
Following up with the customer offers great benefits to an online business. It shows you’re in it for the long run and that you care about the customer’s experience. With the right shopping cart software, you can schedule automatic follow-up emails after the product has been delivered.
02: Send follow-ups when new products in the same category or upgrades become available.
If you’re selling perishable goods or tech products, sending a simple email to the customer reminding them they need a replacement or letting them know the new version of a product has launched is a great way to put them back in the sales queue.
03: Incorporate order tracking into your platform.
Customers waiting for product delivery might be eager to find out when they’ll receive it. Incorporating order tracking through USPS, UPS, FedEx or other shipping organizations will give your customer confidence that they’ll receive their order in a timely manner.
04: Give your customers a voice.
An uncensored voice is key to inspiring trust through honesty and visibility. Review sections are a great way to let the customer speak out on a product, and keeping your review section uncensored (except when it comes to vulgar posts) builds trust in your brand.
by Gonzalo Gil Google