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Create Your Online Store: Choosing the Right Theme
Create Your Online Store: Choosing the Right Theme

When you create an online store, it’s essential to understand that the design and the layout of your website will have a direct impact on your sales. Not everyone has the budget for a custom design. Of course, you don’t want your brand to suffer, either. With a shopping cart software solution like 3dcart, there’s always a simple way to make sure you have a professional looking design: premade templates.

The right template ranges from free to a couple hundred dollars. It’s very affordable for the beginning storeowner—someone on a small budget or with plans to open up as quickly as possible. To create your online store, you really don’t need a ton of starting capital. What you need is a little savvy, an understanding of your audience and a little creativity.

Professional designers create the design and layout templates, so you know that they’re high quality. The one drawback of working with a template is that it wasn’t expressly designed for your brand and your audience. As a result, it’s crucial that you fully understand your audience and your products before you can find the right template for your store.

Before you start to create an online store, check out some tips to help you find yourself the right ecommerce template.

Tip #1: Pick a color scheme that compliments your products.
How many flower delivery websites have you visited that featured black pages? Chances are not very many. Choosing a color scheme for your website that works well with your brand and the products you sell is important when you’re creating your online store.
Tip #2: Look for templates that are custom-made for your market.
Attempting to create an online store requires a touch that is specific to your market. Some shopping cart software vendors (like 3dcart) create templates expressly for specific markets. From navigational, color and design standpoints, these layout templates offer a look and feel that already fits with the kinds of products you’re marketing.

Keep your eyes peeled for these kinds of templates. But remember not to limit yourself; you could be missing out on a template that’s even more perfect for your business.

Tip #3: Don’t ignore the perfect template just because it costs money.
Entrepreneurs will tell you the secret to making money is spending it. Not all of us have thousands of dollars to get our businesses off the ground. But even a little starting capital can go a long way.

If you stumble on the perfect template for your store, don’t ignore it just because it costs money. Even if you’re on a small budget, you should find enough cash for something as important as your store design. This is a key to create an online store.

by Gonzalo Gil Google