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7 Ways to Make an Amazing FAQ Page

It's a known fact that next to a website's About page, there always has to be a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to provide basic info on your business and particularly your products and services.

More often than not, a first-time visitor is likely to look for this page and read it over before deciding if your site is worthy of his or her time. Hence, you need to come up with an amazing FAQ page that will not just capture your audience's attention but will be able to answer the fundamental queries of a potential customer.

Even if your visitors don't bother to open this page during their initial stopovers, they're bound to turn to it eventually. So then you'll have to be ready.

Below are 7 ways to create that remarkable FAQ page that's sure to give your online store a lot of plus points and contribute to more sales in the process.

1. Categorize the questions.
If you have only a few questions in your FAQ page, it's still essential to organize them. For instance, you can begin with those that are often asked by first-timers.

If you have plenty of questions to cover, you ought to categorize them under various headings in order to guide people where to go for the answers they're searching for. For example, you may have a heading on products, another heading on shipping, and a separate one about return and exchange concerns.

2. Gather feedback from customers.
Don't just invent the questions out of thin air! Make sure they are really frequently asked. To be able to ensure that, you have to gather feedback from existing customers, your newsletter subscribers, and even visitors who haven't purchased anything yet.

At the start, you may not have much for your FA Q page. But surely as you go along, more questions will pop up that you'll need to address. Make sure to also consult your customer support team.

3. Use language customers can relate to.
You need to make your customers feel as if they're merely chatting with the friendly and knowledgeable manager or sales agent of an actual store. You ought to be careful about how you craft your words in answering the FAQs. Even the questions themselves must be phrased in such a way that they sound genuine, as if they're actually coming from the customers themselves.

Be informal yet not too casual. Be friendly but make sure not to take up a lot of space with nonsense words. When explaining something, go straight to the point but say it in a way that customers can easily relate to--- just like when they're talking to their buddies or colleagues.

4. Add relevant visual elements.
Yes, it's very common to find text-only FAQ pages. But whoever said there was a rule that limited you to using just text to get your message across clearly?

These days, there are several online stores and websites that actually make use of various visual elements to support given answers to frequently asked questions. Indeed you ought to give it a shot! After all, it's not just the digital age now. We're talking about the highly visual generation.

Incorporate an infographic if you wish to explain about the shipping process. Input photos of your partners' logos and websites if you must. Add a demo video if you want to exhibit how your product is used. Include an interview with an expert to expound on the benefits of your products. There's a whole lot of visual elements you can use.

5. Keep paragraphs concise.
Sometimes you may tend to get carried away. Remember that those who go to your FAQ page are often in a hurry and will likely just be skimming through the text or scanning it for answers they want. Thus, you need to keep all paragraphs concise. Give complete details but be direct. At the same time, don't forget to use natural language that your target market uses.

6. Enable search.
It's always a lot better if you enable search on this page. This will make it easier for people to directly look for the answers that pertain to their specific concerns. It's definitely more convenient and faster instead of having them scroll down.

7. Show your expertise and personality.
The FAQ page is a great opportunity for you to show your expertise and personality. How much do you know about what you're selling? It's your chance to reveal your know-how on the subject matter or niche covered by your business.

Furthermore, your personality will definitely shine through in the way you explain things and handle sensitive or controversial questions. It's a good way for you as well to show your customers how much you really care. So absolutely take the time to write the questions and answers and assess the visual elements and overall layout of the page.

Keep these 7 ways in mind when you're coming up with your online store's FAQ page. You'll certainly be guided accordingly toward an amazing, high-converting FAQ page!

by Gonzalo Gil Google