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Five Reasons Shoppers May Be Abandoning Your Cart

If you talk to the most successful online storeowners, they’ll tell you that every sale counts. So why are so many stores giving up on abandoned carts?

According to Bronto Software, only 13 percent of retailers reach out to shoppers after they’ve abandoned carts. Considering another study says that 50-70 percent of the time shoppers abandon full carts rather than making the purchase, online retailers should be making a bigger push to regain those lost sales.

Why has cart abandonment become such an epidemic? Shoppers display a variety of reasons for zonking out before they make the purchase. You’ll find a few of the reasons below.

Your store lost the comparison shopping battle.
You can’t always have a better price than the competition—but you’ll still be able to beat pricing in other stores. A great way to draw these cart abandoners back into the checkout process is to send them a coupon or discount after they leave.

Shipping costs skewed their expectations.
It seems unfair, but it happens: some shoppers see product prices and think they reflect the final price. If it doesn’t undercut the margin, offer free shipping to new customers. Once they’ve bought once, you’ll have won an important battle in claiming their trust.

Checkout is too complicated.
How many pages is your checkout process? If your answer is more than one, you may be frustrating your buyers. Ideal checkout takes as little time as possible from the shopper, escorting them from potential customer to buyer easily and efficiently.

They don’t trust your brand.
Do you have security measures in place to protect your customer’s personal information? Display it boldly. Shoppers want to know that your store is trustworthy and professional, so take every opportunity you can to let them know.

Shoppers were hoping to find a coupon or discount.
Again, this issue is an easy fix if you consider chasing down stray shoppers with free coupons and discounts. It’s the simplest way to entice shoppers back to the checkout process.

by Gonzalo Gil Google