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Search Engine Optimization 101: More Link Building Strategies

Link building is one of the biggest focuses in the world of SEO. Every time a reputable website posts a link to your online store or product page, consider it a vote of confidence. It’s your job to try to create relationships with those sites by delivering high-value content and actively reaching out.

Link building has become a popular pastime because search engines recognize paths between reputable sites and your store. In the eyes of the engines, those paths help raise your relevance to people browsing the web.

How do you go about starting your own link building campaign? How do you maintain the link juice you’ve built on strong connections? Ecommerce link building is truly a science within the realm of SEO. Check out some ideas to help you kick-start your campaign below. (And check out our first post on link building when you’re through.)

Maintain and clean up internal links.
You may not even realize, but you have a ton of places internally. While they carry a bit less weight than some external links, they’re still an important part of your strategy. Maintenance on these internal pages requires you to seek out pages of products you may no longer stock. You don’t have to delete these pages, but you should insert a 301-redirect to a related item.

Get listed on comparison shopping sites.
hWe’ve posted on comparison shopping websites in the past. These sites are also beneficial for driving more link juice for your store. List in free and paid comparison shopping sites to get the most of out of your link building technique.

Stay in touch with sites that linked to you in the past.
If you’ve already had some luck with bloggers or other referrals, get back in touch. It’s always easier to maintain an existing relationship and get links to new products or other content on your site. Of course, it’s important to work on getting listings with fresh sites, too.

Become a frequent guest contributor.
Guest blogging is a great way to get some street cred. But it also functions as a great resource to get more link juice out of your link building campaign. Find relevant blogs in your space and get in touch. Make sure you offer a potential topic that you can cover.

Help the cause.
Charitable causes give you a great opportunity for sponsorship. Getting involved helps put your brand in front of more shoppers—but just as importantly, it gives you an opportunity to grow your link building campaign.

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