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Using Onsite Ads to Upsell
Using Onsite Ads to Upsell

How do you make the most of your online store’s visitors? It’s one thing to draw in traffic. And it’s a whole other thing entirely to convince visitors to buy. You could have the best marketing strategy in the world. But if you aren’t presenting the right calls to action, you won’t convert any sales.

Even if you are gaining conversions, there are ways to make more of your audience. Your goal is to sell. Accomplish it more frequently with onsite ads.

Onsite advertisements range from a simple popup window to a page peel or a side or bottom bar. Today, you have the ability to track how audience members interact with your store. Use that data to target these shoppers more actively. You’re able to grab a shopper’s attention more effectively, translating to more sales.

Follow the steps below to put together a successful upselling campaign driven by onsite advertisements.

STEP 1: Define parameters for onsite ads to appear.
The timing of promotions is an important part of drawing the shopper into the sales process. For instance, if the shopper’s cursor abandons the page, you can trigger an ad to pop up. Or, if a shopper spends a certain amount of time on a page, you may entice them to battle through their indecisiveness. Sometimes, it just makes sense to automatically trigger promotions based on the page the shopper visits.

STEP 2: Decide on an incentive for shoppers to buy.
Launching promotions requires experimentation. Some promotions may be more effective than others. When you have a good grasp on which promos shoppers respond best to, you’ll have a solid basis for including them in your onsite ads.

STEP 3: Choose which type of advertisement you want to run.
Your audience may find certain types of onsite promotions more appealing than others. Again, this step of the process may require more experimentation. A page peel ad, for instance, is an interactive option that animates the top corner of the page to look like an actual book. Side or bottom bars are other options. Finally, a modal popup that dominates the center of the page is one of the clearest calls to action available.

Tip: 3dupsell is a premium feature available for 3dcart customers. Merchants can add onsite ads, no custom programming necessary.

by Gonzalo Gil Google