Shift4Shop’s 2-Factor Authentication

Many websites put users through multiple steps when logging into their accounts. This security measure adds additional obstacles to access, just in case passwords and other sensitive information fall into the hands of hackers. You can find this verification in websites where data security is vital, including banking sites and social media platforms. Now, you can find it on the platform where you run your business.

Shift4Shop’s 2-Factor Authentication stops anyone who is not you from accessing your login for the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. With this service, you need two pieces of information to reach the Manager module: your password and a six-digit code provided by an authenticator app or service. That code changes every 30 seconds, so even if someone gets your password and a code, they will still be unable to invade your account.


Top Features

  • Increase your security to protect your business login
  • Provide fellow admins with their own authentication codes
  • Stay secure even if your password is compromised


Shift4Shop’s 2-Factor Authentication in Action


2-Factor Authentication Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which authenticator apps work with Shift4Shop’s 2-Factor system?

You can use either Authy Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) on the Authy App, or Google 2-Step Verification on the Google Authenticator App. Alternatively, you can set it up on your Google login account.

  • How do I connect the apps with Shift4Shop Online Store Manager?

Once you download the app of your choice, enter the Online Store Manager and visit Settings, then General, then Administrator Access. When you select “Authentication Settings,” you will see a QR code. Use the app to scan the QR code and you will receive a six-digit code. Upon entering it, you can enable 2-Factor Authentication for your user login.

  • Can I disable 2-Factor Authentication if I want?

As an admin user, you will always have the option to enable or disable this login feature. Under “Authentication Settings,” you can find the button to disable it for yourself, as well as for other users if you have Full Administrator permissions.


2-Factor Authentication Testimonials

“I know enough about the internet to know that I need security for the things I value, including the store that serves as my livelihood. 2-Factor Authentication keeps me one step ahead of the bad guys. Even if my password ends up floating out there, they won’t be able to get through the last step.”