3dfeedback Website Feedback Survey

Customer feedback is extremely valuable to any business, and eCommerce is no different. With Shift4Shop’s 3dfeedback module, you can place a small, unobtrusive tab on the edge of your website that invites your customers to rate your store and provide comments or suggestions. Clicking the tab brings up a simple pop-up 3dfeedback form, which you can customize in the Shift4Shop Online Store Builder.

3dfeedback allows you to engage your visitors and receive information that can help you optimize your website and marketing. Listening to your customers is a sure way to increase your conversions and retain more clients. Customer engagement is also an important part of strong branding, as quick customer support leads to greater brand recognition.

Top Features

  • Add a logo to your feedback form for seamless company branding
  • Receive both a rating and a message from the customer
  • Customize the entire form and fields in the Shift4Shop Online Store Builder


Shift4Shop’s 3dfeedback Feature in Action


Shift4Shop’s 3dfeedback Feature Gallery


3dfeedback Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to the 3dfeedback module?

3dfeedback is included free with all Shift4Shop stores.

  • How do I get 3dfeedback to appear on my pages?

You’ll need to paste the widget script into your site’s global footer. Locate 3dfeedback under Modules in your Shift4Shop Online Store Builder and click Change Settings. Copy the widget script and paste it in the Global Footer field under Header & Footer in the Content section.

  • How do I see my collected feedback?

Click Change Settings under 3dfeedback in Modules. In the settings page, click the View Feedback button near the top right of the page.


3dfeedback Testimonials

“I love 3dfeedback. I have received some very good insight from my customers about different aspects of my store, which I was then able to address. I noticed a positive difference in my sales and bounce rate and I even got some friendly 3dfeedback messages from visitors who noticed the improvement! Customers have also told me that they like that it’s so easy to get to the feedback form. It makes my store seem friendly.”

July 6, 2017