Affiliate Program Module

Your Shift4Shop store has a built-in module allowing you to set up an Affiliate Program, through which your customers can sign up to promote your products in return for commissions. Affiliate marketing enables you to activate your customer base as an untapped source of advertising, with no initial investment required. The included Shift4Shop Module is built to make running your Affiliate Program smooth and easy.

With Shift4Shop’s Affiliate Program Module, you have full control over all affiliate settings including registration, payouts, and the ability to accept or deny orders. You can also create and upload banners for your affiliates to use and view detailed reports of their success.


Shift4Shop’s Affiliate Program Module Gallery

Affiliate Program Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you explain what an Affiliate Program is?

An Affiliate Program is a marketing program in which a merchant recruits others to advertise and sell a product or service in exchange for commissions on all sales referrals that come through the affiliate

  • What are the benefits of an Affiliate Program?

As affiliates will promote your products for you in order to get referrals, an affiliate program can be very profitable even taking commissions into account. You gain valuable exposure and only pay commissions on completed sales, rather than paying for advertising up-front.

  • How can I start an affiliate program for my business?

Shift4Shop has an eCommerce University course for running an affiliate program, available for free.


Affiliate Program Module Testimonials

“The affiliate program module has really brought results. My affiliates are reaching an audience I never could have managed alone. I am a one-person business and I’m short on both time and capital to sink into advertising. My affiliates are doing most of it for me, and all I do is give them a cut of the profits for each referral. The sales they have brought to me more than make up for that, plus the referral payments are based solely on a percentage of sales. I get all this exposure without paying out of pocket.”

March 20, 2017