Manage Amazon Orders in Shift4Shop

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce marketplace in the world, with millions of daily customers — some of whom prefer to shop at Amazon exclusively. Prime memberships, excellent customer care policies, and a great reputation are all reasons for Amazon’s popularity in the online shopping world. And if you have products to sell on Amazon, you’ll have an audience of millions ready for them. But how do you handle all this while also running your own eCommerce website?

With Shift4Shop’s Amazon Order Sync you can have the best of both worlds. Integrate your Amazon Seller Central orders into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager so you can manage both channels in one centralized location. Sell on Amazon and your own website simultaneously, vastly increasing your reach without doubling your workload.

How our Amazon order integration works

  • Centralize orders, manager orders from all your channels including Amazon Seller Central in Shift4Shop
  • Get real-time order updates back and forth between Amazon Seller Central and Shift4Shop
  • Increase productivity and provide a better experience to yourcustomers

Screenshots of the Shift4Shop Amazon Order Sync

Amazon Order Sync Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of information do I need to connect my Shift4Shop store to Amazon?

You will need identifying and security information from your Amazon Seller account. This consists of your Merchant/Seller ID, your Marketplace ID, and your Marketplace Credentials (Marketplace Web Service Access Key and Secret Key).

  • If I export my products onto Amazon does it create a brand-new listing?

If the products you sell do not have an existing listing on Amazon, a new listing will be created. If your products are already sold on Amazon (whether by a third party or Amazon itself), your listing will be added to the existing product page in accordance with Amazon’s policies.

  • If I mark an Amazon order as “shipped” in my Shift4Shop store, is this information passed back to my Amazon account?

Yes! The order’s status and tracking numbers will be sent to your Amazon Seller account where they can be forwarded to the customer.


What our customers are saying about the Amazon Order Sync

“Since Amazon requires such strict attention to your customers, selling there can take a lot of time. You have to be on the ball with getting items shipped and overall there’s a lot to keep track of. I was struggling to keep up with both Amazon and my online store, but since I moved my website to 3dcart and used the Amazon Order Synch to integrate my orders across both platforms, it’s all become much easier!”

May 14, 2018