eCommerce Customer Relationship Management

Successful eCommerce requires paying close attention to your customers, no matter how many you have. Close communication is vital to great customer service and can help build long-lasting customer relationships! To this end, all Shift4Shop stores come with a built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and helpdesk system.

Through the CRM, your customers can contact you with questions about specific products, their orders, purchases, and anything else involved in their store account. The CRM keeps it all organized, making it easy to keep track of your customer interactions and resolve every question to the customer’s satisfaction.

How a CRM helps with customer service

  • Complete record of all customer interactions
  • Allow customers to submit tickets when they need help or answers
  • Vastly improve customer service by keeping everything organized automatically

How the CRM system works

Built-In CRM Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the CRM turned on by default?

No, you will need to enable it in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager. Go to Modules in the left-hand navigation, simply click the check box in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section, and then click Save.

  • Can bots spam me through the ticket form?

You can turn on a CAPTCHA for the ticket form that a customer must fill out. This filters out the spam bots and can be enabled in the CRM section of your Modules. It is highly recommended that you use the CAPTCHA feature.

  • Can I limit the ticket form to registered users only?

Yes. This will ensure you are only contacted by logged-in users, which automatically attaches all interactions to that customer’s account.


Clients improving customer services with the CRM

“My customer base is growing and I can’t even imagine life without CRM. It makes it so easy to keep track of customers and stay organized. No one gets left out and goes
unanswered. I’m so glad 3dcart includes this option in their software because
standalone CRM can be really pricey.”

June 25, 2018