Online Gift Cards & Certificates Feature

Shift4Shop makes it easy for you to provide a Gift Card or Gift Certificate option to your customers. Rather than use a standalone app, Gift Certificates can be created right alongside your other product listings in a matter of minutes. Shoppers who buy a Gift Certificate can specify an email address to receive a digital code that can be used to redeem the Gift Certificate at your store.

This built-in implementation of Gift Certificates in Shift4Shop’s platform makes the process easy and convenient for both you and your customers, helping you provide shoppers with more choices and leading to strong customer service.



Shift4Shop’s Gift Certificate Features


Gift Certificates Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a Gift Certificate?

Gift certificates are created like any other product in your Shift4Shop store, with the single additional step of clicking the “Gift Certificate” option box in the Information tab.

  • How are the Gift Certificates applied by the customer?

The gift certificate includes a code which the customer will enter into the store’s coupon code field, either on the View Cart page or during checkout.

  • Can I let the customer specify the amount of the Gift Certificate?

Not directly, but you have two ways of offering different gift certificate amounts to your customers. You can create multiple gift certificate products, or you can specify different-sized gift certificates in the Product Options, which will present the customer with a dropdown menu.




“My customers really like the gift certificates. I sell a lot of specially tailored clothing that is hard to accurately buy for someone else, and now my customers can give a gift from my shop without spoiling it by asking their friend for their measurements. I have also gained new repeat customers through gift certificates, as receiving one introduced them to my store and then they came back again!”

March 20, 2017