3dcart’s Built-In Gift Registry

Built-In Gift Registry

A gift registry is similar to a wish list, but focused toward a particular event like a wedding or housewarming party, although they can come in handy for just about any type of event. Birthdays, baby showers, anniversary parties, graduation, and more can all benefit from registries. The customer holding the event will create a registry and populate it with items they want their friends to purchase as gifts for their upcoming event.

Gift registries share the same benefits as wish lists, with the added advantage that the list updates when an item is purchased, so no one will buy a gift that has been bought by someone else. They’re strongly attractive to customers. However, some eCommerce platforms lack this important features or even implement a “shared” gift registry that can draw your customers away to competitors.

With a gift registry, gift shopping is vastly simplified, and retailers worldwide have implemented them with the result of increased sales and customer loyalty.



Shift4Shop’s Gift Registry Features


Gift Registry Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I put a time limit on registries?

Yes. The module provides a default expiration date of 30 days after the event occurs, which you can change by altering the number in the text field.

  • Can I access a list of current registries people have opened on my store?

Yes, you can see a list by clicking Gift Registry List to the right of the Enable checkbox.

  • Can customers have items from their registry shipped directly to them?

Yes, the customer can enable this option.




“The gift registry is essential for my business! I sell baby supplies and in this industry a gift registry is practically required. At least a third of my customers are shopping for gifts for baby showers and without the registry, most of them would go elsewhere. I’m really glad 3dcart has this feature and that it’s so easy to use.”

April 18, 2017