Reward Points Loyalty Program

Shoppers love rewards, and with Shift4Shop’s included Reward Points Module, you can set up a complete Rewards Program! Decide which products are eligible for earning rewards, the value of each Reward Point, and what rewards the points can be used to redeem.

Reward Points are a surefire way to increase customer interaction and bring shoppers back for repeat purchases. Award points automatically, launch Bonus Points promotions, send a reminder to customers who have unredeemed points, and more.


Shift4Shop’s Reward Points Module Gallery


Reward Points Module Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Reward Points do customers get for every dollar they spend?

This is up to you. The setting is found below the checkbox to enable the Reward Points for Customers module and is called Rewards Multiplier. You can use whole numbers or decimals, e.g. 1.5.

  • Can I exclude certain Customer Groups from receiving Reward Points?

Yes! Log in to your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and click Customers in the left-hand navigation, and then click Manage Groups. Click on any group to access the Disable Reward Points checkbox.

  • How do I remind customers that they have unspent Reward Points?

Under Marketing and then Newsletters, you can create a Newsletter SmartList that will automatically populate with the customers who have accrued a number of Reward Points you specify.


Reward Points Testimonials

“I thought setting up a rewards program would be difficult, but it was actually very easy. It works well too, as sales have gone up since my customers know they are earning points. I am just about to start a promotion for Double Points and I’m excited to see how that turns out.”

April 18, 2017